Thursday, April 21, 2011

What the heck have I been doing???

I have been busy.
It all started when I decided...
all of a sudden to SELL my desk!
This one:
 I labored over this almost two years ago,
and posted about it.
(if you want to check it out, go to THIS.)
Scroll down a wee bit, and it shows you HOW I did it!

So, within a few days, I told Terry...
and he's like 'WHY???'
It just took up too much room in the ROOM!
And I was tired of it!
So... I went to Craig's List to check out prices, 
and lo and behold, there was someone LOOKING for a LARGE DESKTOP desk!
Can you believe it???
I couldn't!
So I emailed him, sent him photos of the desk.
And the NEXT day, it was GONE!
(now, before I did any of this, FIRST, I unloaded the desk!)
THEN, I looked for another desk, and luckily, there was one!
And it was half what I got for mine!
I emailed the guy... told him I wanted it...
it was WOOD.
Looked cool in the photo, so I was really crossing my fingers.
It took about a WEEK to hook up with the guy, due to my/Terry's/his work schedules.
So, because he lived a ways away, we hooked up in Sierra Vista
when he had a job here!
In a parking lot!
So, after work, and with Terry... and his truck...
we met in the parking lot, and saw the desk.
My breath was bated... I just wasn't SURE.
But ... 'cause I am a WIMP, mind you..
this guy had gone to a bit of trouble... to meet us...
I took it!
When I got home, and check it out...
oh man...
It was WOOD... with WOOD drawer runners and all.
I couldn't believe it.
Here it is: BEFORE:
 ...and the wood runners... 
It was in SUCH good shape!
Did I want it dark wood???
Heck no!
So, began the job of painting it.
I did it ALL in ONE DAY.
(and man, was I tired!)
First I lightly sanded it with an electric sander.
Then... I sprayed white PRIMER.
Then white Matte (spray) paint.
It took about 5 cans!
Then I sanded it, with the electric sander.
Then I (spray again) varnished it.
And HERE it is!
 I left the top as it was.  It was in pretty good shape.
The shape reminds me of my Dad's desk...
LOTS of neat drawers...
the one on the left bottom (two) is a file drawer.
Here you can see the top a bit.  It is beautiful to ME!
Don't you LOVE the distressing???
The handles and knobs...
The knobs are the SAME ones,
For the handles I bought CHEAP ones... that were GOLD.
Spray painted 'em all MATTE BLACK.
 She's quite lovely, huh?

This is a 'short' post,
I have TONS more to share.
But I MUST serve and eat DINNER.
My hubby is waiting...

thanks for visiting my friends!


  1. When do you find time to sleep? Love it!

  2. OMGosh!! was just able to log on today....
    This is fabulous!! Went from...ok, but I wouldn't buy WANT that!!!