Friday, July 31, 2009

It's already FRIDAY!

Time passes WAY too fast.
Yeah, only when you are... not waiting for something to happen!
Like moving. We thought it would NEVER hap
All of a sudden.

Life went into fast motion!
Waiting again, trying and hoping to find a house and move in!
Took, like forEVER.

Then... waiting again, for the floors to be finished, so we could get a new bed, and sleep in a wonderful, comfortable, cushy BED! What heaven that was!

Time just speeds by.

So. I'm slowly but surely finding a place for all our junk.
Every nook and cranny has something, it seems!
I'm trying to disguise stuff.
I'll share a few things with you!
When we were looking at the house, we didn't notice until the SECOND visit, that there was no....

Oh geez.... THAT was disappointing! As you can see, there is no way to HIDE the mess... sooo, I have to hand wash dishes (can you believe it??? ha) to get THIS:

Then, of course... I have to put 'em away... they can't 'hide' in the dishwasher. Friends... you MUST really appreciate your dishwasher in a BIG way!
Luckily, there are a quite a few cupboard in the kitchen... there is another side... which you can see what I did ABOVE them
! I LOVE high shelves. Means I getta keep some of my old STUFF.
The cupboards are OLD... and a bit ratty looking. When I get a JOB, I'm gonna buy paint... and ... paint 'em! Either... a soft white ... antiqued, OR crackled. Can't decide. But they will surely look a LOT different! And, I'll add knobs! Love knobs. I actually fit everything in them! The lower part has lots of LITTLE drawers, besides more cupboards.

One more thing to share with you TODAY.
We went to a garage sale. And bought this:

yes, it has drawers! It cost me $20. It's metal.. that ugly old 'filing cabinet' color. Well, several cans of paint later... It became THIS:

WOW! I bought it 'cause Kari and Mike had their old island counter top, that is HUGE.. and I wanted it... to make a big... desk, with additional work space. Which you'll see in the next photo! It's.... WONDERFUL!
Notice, also, the white hutch on the top. I bought it at a garage sale also... for a measly $5. Yeah, no kidding! I was going to put it in the dining room... BUT, I needed a place for all my books. It's not pai
nted YET, but it will be... BLUE also!

Now, doesn't it look perfect... for two to sit opposite each other and SCRAP? Wanna come over??? Terry made the legs (and frame) to support the counter... (he HAD to make it strong enough that we can stand on it and dance...)
You can see to the left, the bookcase... I LOVE 'old looking' wood, you know... I'll show it to you on a later post.

Tomorrow I'll share some of what TERRY has been up to, including carving a ...

thanks for visiting...


  1. You amaze me. Everything is looking really good. ;o)

  2. you sure don't waste any time getting things done! I used to be that quick, not so much any more! lookin' good my friend! keep up the great work!