Sunday, November 25, 2012

We have a brand NEW blog!

Hey folks!
We started a brand new blog.
One with an easier to remember NAME.

It's called:

the url is 

See you over there!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

A 7-Layer Salad

Doesn't this salad look YUMMY?
It's one of our favorites.
And the flavors mix so well...
Makes me want to go in the kitchen and make one right now!

Here's the recipe:

7-Layer Salad
            1. Lettuce (bite-sized)
            2. Cubed Colby Cheese (8 oz)
            3. Frozen Peas (small bag)
            4. Green Pepper (chopped)
            5. Yellow Onion (med/chopped
            6. Mayonnaise (1/2" layer)
            7. Tomatoes (2 or more!)

...and that's it!  It's SO GOOD!

love y'all!

For my daughter's birthday...

...way back in February!
Bad bad momma!
Terry and I had these CUT OUT...
and that was it!
 What we were trying to do here was from one of our
favorite BLOGS.

If you've never been to it,
you MUST check it out!
Click on THIS to take you right to the post with the above letter!
That LINK will take you to her 'home tour', scroll down to the kitchen,
and look on her wall, for the BAKERY sign!
Kari and I have LOVED this... like forever!

So, I did some research through my fonts,
Because of the very small parts,
Terry said we'd have to do it out of plywood...
(so it would not break)
and what better, than 'OLD' plywood from our stash?

He cut them...
and I painted 'em.
First up, was to stain 'em.

My favorite stain, is Minwax.
Goes on easy, dries quickly.

Next up, I painted 'em all with white acrylic paint!
After painting 'em, and letting 'em dry,
I sanded 'em!
Don't they look OLD???
Love 'em!
And here they are up on Kari's kitchen wall!
She LOVES them!
Next up... we are working at fixing up the STUFF on the cabinets.
Happy Birthday Kari!

love y'all

A New Page!

Oh my gosh... I haven't been able to get into Blogger...
I still don't know what is going on,
got to THIS in a round-a-bout way...

I'm here,
and we'll start with just a quick post
of a new page I did a few weeks back.
My youngest kiddo LOVES to dance,
and will dance all over the house,
and doesn't realize that WE are watching her!
The photos I took for this page, though...
she knew I was taking 'em.
Such FUN!

The photos are all a bit 'darkish'... not sure why?
This started as a two-page spread...
sat on my work-table forEVER.
Then, I decided I would just make it a one-page spread...
and it was finally DONE!
love y'all!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just wanted to share a few grandkid photos!

This is my cute grandson, Jacob, who's now 8.
He is so fun, so mischievous to his sisters, and such a good guy!
I really really adore him.

This is the oldest grand-daughter, Madison
She loves to dress up in princess dresses, talks so incredibly clearly, and always wants me to hold her,
which I quickly oblige!  She is 5, and is now finishing up her first year in school!

I just couldn't resist this picture!
It's Peyton, the youngest.
She's the dancer, the little princess, the animal lover, and just the sweetest ever.
She has such long hair, that curls, and is just so ... well... princessy!

Then last, but not least...
is a picture of our grandkids back East...
Austin, the older one... a cute, smart, amazing, good kid...
and his brand new little bro, Lincoln.
Their mommy sent me the photo...
do they look alike or not???
I say YES!
We are so happy for them, and their new family member!

thanks for visiting!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

...and another! This time, I finished a mini book! It's patriotic...

I made this book in Oregon... 
like ummm... three years ago?
We moved here (AZ) almost TWO YEARS ago!
Where, oh where, does the time go???
Well, I finally added the photos
most of which Kari most graciously supplied!
(her and I looked on her Walmart photo site...
picked out the BEST ones...
and she picked 'em up!)
The photos are from...
FOUR years ago!
So, friends... 
never, EVER give up!
This is one of those COOL books that open up and open up...
so you have several 'pages' that you can add photos!
The one above is the COVER.
Below is a closeup of that CUTE photo!
  The letter stickers are from various sticker 'sets' that I had on hand...
When you open the COVER...
this is what you see!
 Then, when you open the page above,
you go to TWO 'pages'...
I still have to add the names...
I didn't know how to spell a few of them...
and I'm picky about having things spelled correctly!

From the TWO,
it opens... BIG...
I don't have a photo of the whole book opened fully...
But here are bits and pieces...

The page above, opens AGAIN to the right...
to THIS (below)
...with pages on both sides..
The pages are like 'shutters' in-between the 'whole' ones!
Here (above) is the [shutter] pages to the right.
Below is a closeup of the photo 'goodies'
 I kept the embellies pretty FLAT.
Below is the photo behind the above [shutter] pages...
Then, we'll go back to the LEFT of the earlier center photo...

You wanna see a close-up of that BLUE mouth???
 Pretty funny, huh?
I LOVE my grandkids! LOL
Notice the [dirty] white stars?
I dropped the RED circle... it had VERY sticky glue on it.
Pre-glued... you know?
Well, it made a huge, terrible MESS right ON the photo!
So what to do???
I hand-cut the white starts!
Behind the [shutter] page you see to the RIGHT...

Next, is the last [shutter] page to the left of the one above...

 ...and last, but not least...
is the view behind the above extreme left [shutter] page!
 Pretty darn fun, huh?
Problem is...
now my daughter wants me to make ANOTHER one
like this...
to give to her friend HEATHER, 
that is in this book!
thanks, you guys, for visiting!
love you all!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a 'SISTER'S' page!

I'm slowly but surely...
trying to get back into doing pages...
so here's one for you!

It's simple...
with my torn and shabby look that I love.
Here's a closeup of the 'goodies'...
  ...and when I took it to my daughter's...
I got a snapshot of Madison looking at the page...
Is that precious, or what?

thanks for visiting!