Monday, May 30, 2011

For my daughter's birthday...

...way back in February!
Bad bad momma!
Terry and I had these CUT OUT...
and that was it!
 What we were trying to do here was from one of our
favorite BLOGS.

If you've never been to it,
you MUST check it out!
Click on THIS to take you right to the post with the above letter!
That LINK will take you to her 'home tour', scroll down to the kitchen,
and look on her wall, for the BAKERY sign!
Kari and I have LOVED this... like forever!

So, I did some research through my fonts,
Because of the very small parts,
Terry said we'd have to do it out of plywood...
(so it would not break)
and what better, than 'OLD' plywood from our stash?

He cut them...
and I painted 'em.
First up, was to stain 'em.

My favorite stain, is Minwax.
Goes on easy, dries quickly.

Next up, I painted 'em all with white acrylic paint!
After painting 'em, and letting 'em dry,
I sanded 'em!
Don't they look OLD???
Love 'em!
And here they are up on Kari's kitchen wall!
She LOVES them!
Next up... we are working at fixing up the STUFF on the cabinets.
Happy Birthday Kari!

love y'all


  1. Love this project. You & Terry should do this for local cafe's. It' an awesome look!

  2. DARLING!!!!! I like the word BAKERY in a kitchen....:) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love hearing from people who view - means a lot. Thanks!!!

  3. Wow! These letters look awesome! You made them look in a really proficient way. Great job!