Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just wanted to share a few grandkid photos!

This is my cute grandson, Jacob, who's now 8.
He is so fun, so mischievous to his sisters, and such a good guy!
I really really adore him.

This is the oldest grand-daughter, Madison
She loves to dress up in princess dresses, talks so incredibly clearly, and always wants me to hold her,
which I quickly oblige!  She is 5, and is now finishing up her first year in school!

I just couldn't resist this picture!
It's Peyton, the youngest.
She's the dancer, the little princess, the animal lover, and just the sweetest ever.
She has such long hair, that curls, and is just so ... well... princessy!

Then last, but not least...
is a picture of our grandkids back East...
Austin, the older one... a cute, smart, amazing, good kid...
and his brand new little bro, Lincoln.
Their mommy sent me the photo...
do they look alike or not???
I say YES!
We are so happy for them, and their new family member!

thanks for visiting!

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