Saturday, August 1, 2009

Terry's 'stuff' that he does...

So, as promised, here are a few things that Terry has been doing.

Here is the 'jackrabbit'. I think it's wonderful. Right now, it's in our livingroom... i love it. But, of course I know... (i KNOW) that I only get it for a short time. darn. It's about 2 1/2 ft tall. He'll sell him for $200. Terry's gonna take him to Oregon with him.
.. he's leaving tomorrow? Or Monday. (Terry is heading to Oregon to get more of his WOOD. I'm not going with him. I've gotta find a JOB, and kitty-sit!) If anyone is interested... call him! 971-404-8834.

Next is a BEAR. Now Terry loves to carve bears. It's his favorite. He does such an incredible job with 'em. This guy stands about 3 1/2 ft. tall. He sells for $300. Terry is not planning on taking him to Oregon with him, UNLESS someone calls him! ha.

The last thing I'm showing tonight is Terry's 'fantastic' carving ... ??? ... tent. shop. home?
Poor guy. AGAIN, he is without a SHOP. He bought the tent... then, 'cause of the wind, decided to 'frame' it in! Even has a workshelf in it! It's temp. Until he get's his REAL shop, which is starting with a ... storage 'shed' that he is adding to the back [front, you know] of the house. Which, someday, will become 'extra' storage for all the extra junk that is in the house right now... LIKE Christmas and Halloween decor... Actually, we don't HAVE a LOT of 'extra' stuff anymore. Could even get rid of more... which I AM... in a garage s
ale I'm doing with Kari and her girlfriend! Can't wait. AND, I'm even selling my dining room table/chairs AND all my 'cute' green cupboards... that we went and hauled ALL THE WAY to AZ... only they are just not working.... so gone, they go!

You notice the GREEN??? Yep, it's for real. Lots of it. So no, it's not all BROWN here!

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  1. If I didn't know it was wood I would have thought the rabbit was chocolate. Very nice :)