Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time flies?
Doesn't it?

I woke up EARLY this morning. Couldn't sleep. I'm being... hmmm... irrational?
I posted my beloved green cupboards on Craig's List last night...
We just have too many little... 'cute' things in this house.
They don't work here. I thought I'd paint 'em.
But they really don't work... for what I want to do here.
So, Kari advised me to sell 'em.
So I posted, AND got a response for ALL of 'em.
He's coming here this morning to look at 'em, and buy 'em?
So... my dreams were about those dumb cupboards.
What is with that???This is two of 'em. The others are matching, but different styles. They are semi-functional.
I was 'worrying' in my sleep about what I was going to do with the STUFF that's on them and in them. I know this photo doesn't show that STUFF... but I added it after the photo!
I'm kinda sad.
Weird, huh?

I wanted to show you another project Terry, my hubby, who always likes to make me happy... so much so, that I have to be careful what I ask for! I'm selfish.... and want all my house stuff... like NOW. And he really needs to focus on getting his SHOP done. But... I really needed a PLACE to put more of our STUFF! Stuff that we had 'collected' for our beach room. We both love the beach. We both lived at the beach... growing up. I hated to get rid of stuff... sooo, this is what he created for me (I tell him what to do, he makes it!)

The photo above show details. Those 'funny looking' leis are from Hawaii from Terry's daughter. She gave us those when we went there (we got lucky, 'cause her and her hubby were stationed there, and we had 'free' lodging!) when we first met. The driftwood we picked up at Cannon Beach... last year... lugged it like for EVER.
I've no idea where I had all this STUFF before? In Oregon. Geesh. But I love it. It's OFF the tables... So I like that!

I still have to PAINT walls. I don't like white walls. Although I decided I'd leave the ROOM (my craft room) walls white. Cause I have so much stuff in there... I just wanted white to settle it down....

One more thing to share this morning...
Madison. My 'babie' (Kari's middle child... who's going to be 4 this month!)
She is my constant visitor. Everyday she asks if she can go to 'Ma'es' house.
I wish I could have her everyday. She is soooo cute. I've told you before.. very 'girlie'.
I snapped this photo of her.... 'Madi in the kitty tree'. She loves it. She was kinda scared up there! She lost one front tooth... early, and she had fallen out of a hammock and skinned her chin... poor thing. But those just ADD to her... 'ohhhhhh' . She has that long hair, and she likes it down and loose, and she constantly 'flips' it. I wish the photo was better. But... i have the memory. And that I'll hold onto forever.

thanks for visiting.
maybe next time... i'll have a scrap page done???


  1. oh how cute she is! Love the beach shelf!

  2. How Cute! What a great pix to scrap!

  3. I LOVE the shelf!! Its awesome. I Love that you are going to have a beach room! I think you should paint the walls... a light blue. An awesome blue. :D

    I think you should definitely paint your craft room. Who cares if it isnt 'settled down' you need a craft room with personality!!