Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So... a few days have gone by. Too fast.
Terry left yesterday early in the morning for Oregon. He's heading on up to get some of his WOOD. I miss him already. Really.

Peyton turned TWO not long after we arrived here in Arizona. She had a pool party.
I just did the layout of it. The FIRST since I've arrived here! Geesh. It's been a bit over 2 months! I can hardly believe it!This is a VERY simple layout... especially for ME. I wanted glittery letters... so on the plain [pink] chipboard letters I smeared some Glossy Accents, then sprinkled them with glitter! Voila! So easy. The picture collage on the first page I did in Publisher... believe it or not. I downloaded some digi frames from House of 3. It took me a bit of figuring out HOW.. but I finally did it. Put 'em in the Pictures... so they act as pictures, and I just layer and adjust 'em to work! (You can click on the name 'house of 3' above, and it'll take you to the site! One of the artists is Heidi Swapp, whom you all know is one of my top favorites!)

THEN... I actually ordered some NEW stuff. Now, did I REALLY need some NEW stuff? Wellll... I had wanted some of these, and this stuff is not available in this town... so what to do?

Notice the TINY ATTACHER from Tim Holtz (my OTHER favorite designer!). Can't wait to try it out! The scratcher.. well there's a STORY re: that one. Ask Amber! LOL. I finally got one. LOVE it. It... hmmm... scratches away ... ink, paper, whatever... to give a really cool distressed look. Then another MASK and FRAGMENTS... love those! And some mirrored 'toys' from Heidi Swapp. And notice the alpha booklet... I've not seen one of these before... but I LOVE it! It's really thin chipboard, not just stickers. NEXT... I'll have to DO something with these! Stay tuned... check me out a later date!

Lastly, I'm sharing a bit more of my ROOM.

I was going to go with just blue and white... BUT... I ran into these curtains at Marshall's and loved the colors. So they are my 'inspiration colors' for the ROOM. The pink 'thing' above them WAS a mirror! We tried to take it out, but broke it. The frame was white... I re-painted it pink! Love it! I've been on a spray painting craze... I'll share more of that later...
The stool with the 'table' is temp. Not sure what I'm gonna do there yet? Billy Bob lays on the kitty tree in front of the window when I'm in the ROOM. And the fan.. so neccessary!
I think I need a colored one!!!And here's my scrap center set up again! The drawers at the right bottom... (the brown) are from a sewing machine cabinet my daddy made for me years ago. We salvaged those from it, and Terry is going to make the holder and make new fronts for them... and they will house my PUNCHES!

To the right... (is the back of a cupboard that faces the other direction.. and that I don't like, we'll replace it someday)... next to that are my stacking units from CW. Trying the paper a new way. Used to have it in the Cropper Hopper plastic holders.. but they don't work in this room. Notice the JARS (look at the next photo below...)
... I LOVE to re-use. My friend KC saved her sunflower seed jars (cause of the blue lids!) for me, and I use 'em for buttons. I got rid of ALL packages.. and put everything by COLOR. Much much better! When I 'whined' about the buttons needing a holder, Terry instantly made this for me. And again.. re-use, he made it from an old palette we found on our property! LOVE IT! I tell you, I HAVE to be careful what I 'whine' over... 'cause he always does it right then. Life is tough...

Speaking of... he had already re-made my previous Kraft Mayo jar holder... which before had aLOT of other things, like all the little plastic bags of goodies (which I've now put into jars). Here it is now:
I'm not sure yet what I'm gonna put in the 'empty' ones... maybe chipboard alpha???

I mentioned before that Terry made a 'new' bookcase for me... it fits perfectly under the outer edge of the desk. AND he added swivel wheels, so that I can move it... if I need the desk for a third person! LOVE IT!

Last, but not least.. this is behind the extended desk... The white cupboard used to be in our master bath in Oregon. The button holder I had before, but the jars no longer house buttons.. they are now holding the myraid of little doodads that were in plastic bags... Geesh. The QUILT. Kari (my daughter) made this for me. It is SUCH a treasure. Back in the days of my fabric collecting I had a collection of snowflake prints. Kari 'snuck' them away and secretly made this huge quilt for me for Christmas. WOW. It is amazing. I really wanted it out ALL the time, but where to put it? So.. in my blue and white (and now a few more colors) ROOM.

ONE more thing: remember on a previous post I said I was selling all the GREEN cupboards and dining table set? Well, it ALL SOLD in one day! I'm telling you, Craig's List works! YAY!


  1. I am SOOO excited that you are scrapbooking again!!! I absolutly love your craft room...I am very jealous. My fold up table in the corner of my bedroom with everything shoved underneath it looks even more pathetic now...LOL

  2. I am SOOOO excited that you are scrapbooking again!!! I absolutly love your craft room, I am VERY jealous. It makes my fold up table in the corner of my bedroom with everything shoved underneath it look even more pathetic...LOL.

  3. Oh Danella you have done an outstanding job on your blog. As I read today's post I felt like we were back together in class with you sharing your creativity! It also reminded me when you first introduced me to scrapping when you first started classes at CW. Those were the best of times and you helped us grow.
    With the specificity of your blog it is just like being in class. Maybe we should put together a skype class?!!! What cha think? It good be centered Around a small project and skyping is free!
    How long will
    Terry be gone? Miss ya friend...Ronda

  4. OH MY WORD! Glorious, glorious glorious space! You're saving up for me to come stay right?! LOL I'm glad everything is coming together! Yes. I LURVE it!