Thursday, August 13, 2009

I can't beLIEVE it! It has been raining! Since late yesterday! It's now 7pm and the rain has finally let up... and now the sky is a beautiful BLUE ... with 'pretty' clouds again! This is the first 'gloomy'... Oregon-like weather since we've been here. Well, not 'we', 'cause Terry is in Oregon! Go figure.

The front [back really...] of our house... wet with rain! Notice there are NO gutters! I can hardly believe it. Nope. Most homes do NOT have them! WE are gonna put some on, though.. someday. ( I SO want to paint this house... do not like the color... but.. must wait.)

Notice the GREY sky. Looks like Oregon??? Can't even hardly see the mountains that are there!

Yesterday I spent nearly the whole day shopping. Not buying all day.. but looking and SOME shopping. Trying to find 'certain' stuff.
TODAY... I finished ONE project from my shopping. I'm proud of myself, 'cause I re-used the 'old' bedskirt topper for the NEW bedskirt! What a difference. AND... I only spent about $12 on the yards and yards of fabric. It's LINED 'cause it was SO sheer! But it was perfect for our room!I'm so lacking in STORAGE space.. that we added bed risers... and you can SEE all the junk under the BED. ugh.

wah lah! It's actually a tiny white/teal stripe. You can't see it so much in the photo... AND it's VERY 'whispy'... LOVE that. And, yes, I lined it completely... Notice the stool. That's for ME to get into bed! Although my grandkids THINK that I put it there for THEM! They watch TV in here... funny kiddos.

NEXT project early tomorrow morning is:
Skirts for the girls! Complete with layers of black tulle! How fun is that???

THEN... another project (not my 'next'... but later...)
I mentioned I'm getting side-tracked... no.. re-hooked??? on quilting again, thanks to Jodi.
This is the fabric I just got... I don't know WHAT kinda quilt I'm making.. but it's gonna be my
"FuNkY coWbOY" look. I call it that, 'cause I don't know what the hEck it is??? jUst something outta my hEad! Blues, whites, soft brown (suede, etc) and a touch of RED. And swirls, damask', chandoliers, old distressed wood, custom cool cabinets (that i'm sure i'm gonna drive terry batty over...) kind of an OLD rustic, yet bawdy/elegant... something.
does ANYone picture what is in my freakin' hEaD???

So, here are the fabrics...

as adrienne would say... i 'lurve' them!

so, goodnight friends.
tomorrow... more projects. Even a layout???



  1. The bedskirt looks beautiful, and I love the fabric for the quilt. I say I would like to make a quilt, but I must first buy a sewing maching. LOL.

  2. HOORAY !!!! One of the two people that got me hooked on quilting is BAAACKKK!!! Wahoo. LOVE the funky western fabs you have picked out. Can't wait to see what you make! And good job on the bed skirt. I need TWO bedskirts. Wanna come over? Oh wait. You MOVED!!! What the heck were you thinking !!! Geesh. ;o)

  3. WOW!!! It is fun to watch your creativity....<3 Ronda