Thursday, August 20, 2009

So, have you agreed with me? That time flies???

I started a new job yesterday. Trained all day. And have FOUR more days of training! Really love what I've ... encountered and learned so far. I'm very impressed with this company. The bummer is that I'm starting at the bottom of the totem pole again. Hard after being somewhat 'spoiled' by Craft Warehouse! But, I think I can move 'up' fast. I'm gonna be a grocery checker at Fry's. Can you believe it? Remember friends, there are NO craft stores here in town... So this will give me the 'fun' I need, right???

I had taken photos of my daughter Kari singing her heart out to Madison, who was just ... adoring her mommy... man the the look on her face was SO precious. What a moment. Then, I finished the layout of that. Already took it to Kari and Madison... and I tell you, Madison just LOVED it. Makes me wanna do more! Just SO fun, and SO worth it!Now that I'm not doing specific product layouts for CW, it's a LOT different for me to have the WHOLE bunch of STUFF I can use! Where to start? I've spent more days after doing this layout, re-organizing even MORE. Why? 'Cause I can't EASILY find something... so I'm working hard to make everything more accessible. I will share ideas with you... hopefully to be able to help YOU also!

In the layout above, I used some OLDIES that you might remember. Queen and Co. [plastic flowers]. American Crafts ... the little tubes they had...[plastic flowers also!]... the title is KI Memories, the 'soup can alphas'. The photo corners are from Heidi Swapp! Yeah, all 'old stuff' that we've had. Man, I gotta USE that stuff up!!!
Notice around the photo mat... i LOVE the effect there... I simply sponge painted a bit of Making Memories paint around the edge of the mat and photo.

I'm going to share one more quick thing below:
Now I know you're asking yourself... 'WHY in the world is she showing us her garbage???' Well, it's part of my 'new' thing. Packaging takes up a LOT of space. And I don't have a LOT of said space. So... I've been un-packaging TONS of stuff. Hopefully, tomorrow I will show you WHAT I've done with all that STUFF. And since I was able to EMPTY several drawers... I was able to put my 'NEW' stuff away!!! Stay tuned...

thanks for visiting!
i miss you all!


  1. Yay, thanks for the update! I was beginning to go through Danella withdraws! Be sure and text me or something sometime!

  2. Love your creativity!!! I have all that 'stuff'...can't wait to see how you organize the box. I have 3 friends to add to your blog. Great people. I'll toward them your info and their names. Needy go to bed...