Thursday, July 30, 2009

I've gotta show you what we've been dealing with!
A lot of crazy work.
But fun too!

First was the long trip. LONG. With two kitties in their kennels in the back of my car.
This picture was from my car... what I watched the whole time! I was following Terry!

This picture was taken in a tiny town called Panguitch (Utah)... yeah weird name. But one of our favorite people in the whole world lives here! Pauline Prince. She and her hubby introduced Terry and I six years ago! They knew him for awhile, and Merle felt 'strongly' that we should be introduced! I just LOVE this lady! She is the BEST of everything.

We spent about three weeks with my daughter and her family when we first arrived.
We are sooo grateful for them, and their patience!
Our kitties stayed in our [jake's] bedroom all the time.
Their perch was at the top of the bunk bed...

Terry and I looked 'feverishly' for a house to buy. We were limited. We couldn't finance something, as I didn't have a job. And a job would HAVE to be in the SAME field... therefore RETAIL. I'm not sure if that is what I'll be doing, and I haven't yet gotten ultimately serious about job hunting yet... so. We needed to find a place that was owner-financed. hmmm. We lucked out. We met Larry, who met us to show us a possible rental that I didn't like at all. ugh. Terry talked to him for awhile, and Larry happened to have a friend that was maybe thinking about...

So we went and looked... it had FOUR acres... and the house was pretty decent. It had been remodeled, so most everything was new. THAT really helped me with my... 'ick' factor. Even though it was small, we liked it! And just a few short [seemed long to us, though] weeks later, we moved in!
This is my 'room'... it HAD carpet... along with the other two bedrooms and the living room.The carpet had to be taken out... it didn't smell too good... and it got replace with tile in my 'room' and the living room. The other two bedrooms got new carpet. So, needless to say... Terry and I spent the first week plus in the small bedroom on this...

... thanks to Mike! Kari's hubby graciously loaned us this double queen air mattress! It was actually heaven to us.

The rest of the house has looked something like this:for the next few weeks.

The POD came... and all our STUFF... had to go somewhere in the house! Geesh. Talk about difficult. Actually, we paid for an extra month of storage in the POD... so we could take a bit of time. But every day, Terry would haul in boxes and boxes and boxes... and I would attempt to find a home for everything!
This was the beginning.
Next post I will show you what became of all the boxes and boxes and boxes!

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