Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm BACK!!!
WOW! This has taken me, like FOREVER... to get back into this!
So sorry... I just barely got my PRINTER hooked up. Geesh!
Oh. My. Gosh.
Where to start???
Our NEW lives!!!
To begin with... we love it here!
I'll begin by sharing a FEW photos of a FEW of the reasons WHY.
First and foremost. Our grandkids. Who can resist this silly boy?
This is Jacob, who is 6... and a nut, just like he looks!And these two little darlings. They have me wrapped around their fingers. Love love love having them nearby. Madison is a chatterbox, who loves to visit Ma'e... and Peyton is just a little bundle full of 'loves'.
I HAD to share this photo of little Peyton at her 2 year birthday party! Her party was at the pool with lots of friends!
This is Madison, who is 3, going on 4! She is visiting us... and playing with my old jewelry. This girl... is ALL girl. She's so cute, very very 'girly'.. and fun to listen to!

Next, is the very BLUE sky! It's so beautiful. And yes, it really IS that deep blue! Almost everyday, clouds form near the mtns, which are just SW of us... and go over, and by 5 or 6pm, they are past us. Somedays, we get rain. We've yet to experience a TRUE 'monsoon' here. Dang. The locals are quite proud of them, and several have told us about them. But alas, we are still waiting... When it happens, I will surely get photos!
The photo above is the view from our house looking to the SW. Those mountains are just a few miles away. There is a road going almost to the TOP... and we've been on it! Kinda scary, as we are not fond of heights. But an incredible VIEW!
We are lucky. We found a home with just over 4 acres. It's got several of these trees. They are Mesquite Trees! Some are quite tall... on our property, maybe 10 feet? But elsewhere, they can be 20 feet or more! It's actually quite GREEN here. Amazing.

Here is our little house. Just 1200 sq. ft! I'm still trying to FIT all our junk into it! We have no garage, and no storage yet. So, it's difficult, to say the least. It's smaller than our house in Oregon. Yet, it has three bedrooms... so the third bedroom is our storage room! BUT... my 'room' is bigger than the one in Oregon! It's configured totally different, so I've had to re-do how I do EVERYTHING. I'm almost done. I'll be sharing photos and ideas soon! It looks PINK. But it's really not that pink. Someday, we will paint it!
This is the same view as before, only at dusk. The sunsets are unbelievable! Almost every single night! We LOVE it. We sit on our little deck... which is on the 'back' of the house (not shown in the photo)... it's weird, 'cause the 'back' of the house, is facing the front of the property. Drives us just a wee bit bonkers there. Eventually, we hope to add onto the 'back'... to make it the 'front'... Terry and I sit on the deck in the am and the pm... unbelievably in SLEEVELESS tops... (me anyhow... I just can't see Terry in a sleeveless shirt... ) Beautiful weather. We are NOT suffering from ... OVERHEAT (like Portlander's are right now, in July)

There are LOTS of 'cute' little critters like this cottontail. We have jackrabbits too. And quail, cardinals, roadrunners and woodpeckers to name just a FEW! This is bird paradise. Very musical here. They are singing early in the morning... and all through the day.
We also have ugly critters like the photo below, which I've made small, to not freak you out!
We've seen THREE of these so far. Major UGH!

Well, that's enough for one sitting! I will be posting LOTS of stuff... including my 'adventures' and 'finds'... yeah... using Craig's List to furnish... you can do it! Stay posted...

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Good to "hear" from you! I was wondering how your travels went! Love the pictures... so beautiful. Looks like you made a wonderful move. Family, a lovely home, beautiful scenery... couldn't ask for much better!

  2. Hi Danella! Glad your back and updating again. Quite the adventure. Your grandchildren are adorable, tell Kari Hi! Miss running into you at CW, but glad you've finally moved on. Susan O