Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm liking RUST!

Thanks to 'Funky Junk' Donna...
I'm really liking RUST.
It's hard, though... to change.
I have to stop and THINK.
Then, try it!
My hubby got a 'lucky' job... to clean up some JUNK.
It was mostly old, broken wood.
But we LOVE wood!
And in this pile of old, broken wood
was a SIGN, actually TWO signs, one nailed over the top of the other!
I LOVED them!
And guess what???  The colors in them, were the same colors we have in our house!

The sign says 'Taylormade Seeds'
I love how the RUST pulls the colors from the basket and the curtain rod! 
(you can't see the curtain rod in the photo... sorry)
The RUSTY sign was the perfect thing I needed for this wall.
And the best thing??? It was FREE! 
Close-up details:
It's really rusty, huh?
Then, a close-up of the little circle in the corner:
Is that 'cute' or what?
'Home of Honey Sweet'

Coming up next:
My desk from way back is gone!
Guess what I did???

thanks for visiting!


  1. What a wonderful piece! This would go for big $$$ at an antique market. You rock, girl! You find beauty/art in everything.

  2. Hi Terri,

    Thanks for dropping by today! Your sign is terrific! Cant wait to see what you did to replace the desk?

    Best wishes in our contest!