Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good morning Easter!

good morning my friends!
Yes, it's Easter morning.
Our celebration of the morning Jesus rose from the tomb.
And a celebration of OUR resurrection someday!
I wanted to share with you a few photos,
and a little sweet story.
Two years ago, this was what we saw out our window on Easter Morning!
 Yes, this was when we were still in Oregon.
Before we sold our beloved house.
We miss our house...
but the COLD and gray???

Here's our deck...
(remember, this is Easter morning... you know, spring?)
 -sigh- fast forward to TODAY.
Here it is outside our door, this beautiful Easter Morning.
Blue blue skies.
Perfect weather.
Green on the trees, that were naked just a few weeks ago!
...theres a birdie living in the birdhouse!
Wonder what surprises she will bring us?
Now, for my story.
This is from last April, around Easter time.
Terry is always finding little critters...
and rescuing them.
This time he was walking outside, and this little bunny, 
hopped, no... more like hobbled, wiggled, and fell... right  onto him!
Terry saw immediately that he was WAY to little to be away from his mommy.
 This little bunny, was the sweetest of all.
So trusting.
So wanting warmth and love.
He couldn't hop straight, due to malformed little feet.
He couldn't hardly see much, due to his eyes not being clear.
His little nose, was a wee bit off.
Poor little sweet baby.
We introduced him to Billy Bob
Who immediately took a liking [loving?] to Bunnie.
Billy Bob never ever made a naughty move to Bunnie.
He was just curious and cautious.

First, Bunnie needed a nice warm HOME.
He was so tiny, what could we use?
Why a shoe!
  ...and Bunnie took an immediate liking to his new little home.
Warm and cozy it was.
He lived in our room... with Billy Bob.
Billy Bob never left him...
was always there when Bunnie woke up.
 Billy Bob reassured us that he was not going to hurt Bunnie.
He was soft and sweet.
We put Bunnie on the bed... so he could be safe and warm,
and so we could keep an eye on him.
He would flop, jump, tip, and wiggle.
Trying to move the very best he could.
While Billy Bob kept a close watchful eye on him.
Look! You can see Bunnie's cute little cottontail.
 OH, Bunnie was such a little angel.
And what tenderness Billy Bob showed to God's little creature.
 Billy Bob kept watch over Bunnie...
every moment of the few days he spent with us.

Little Bunnie was getting tired.
He liked being kept warm and very very cozy.
We like to think that little Bunnie was telling Billy Bob
that he was going to be OK.
  Billy Bob still stayed right by Bunnies side.
Bunnie tried valiantly to grow and live.
Bunnie had a hard time eating and drinking.
He really needed his mommy.
So he was slowly getting weaker and tired.
 Billy Bob did the very best he could
to love and care for this little bunny.
He even tried to keep him warm and cozy.

But on the third morning
little Bunnie
went to live with God in heaven,
which is where he belongs.
Even though his life was short
it had meaning.  
He meant a lot to us, and he touched us in a special way.
We miss him.

Yes, we LOVE all of God's creatures
great and small.

Happy Easter
...and ALL of it's meaning there.

love you all
terry and danella


  1. Very sweet and touching story Danella. We miss you too and this year are very jealous of your sunny Arizona.

    Thank you too for the Easter greeting. May your year be blessed by the One who came to save us.


  2. Cute bunny! Too bad he didn't make it. God will take care of all his creatures though. Good story.

  3. Incredible story, Danella! Thanks so much for sharing. I just love little bunnies. She's hopping like nobody's business across the floors of Heaven! God Bless you & your family during this Easter season!

  4. So sweet. You can tell by the photos your kitty cared about him.