Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A few posts back I showed you the START of my...
'new room'.
Seems I'm always changing something...
but it's been 'gettin' to me' for awhile now,
as it was so utilitarian.
It all started with the desk which I shared already.
(you can click on the word, to go back to that post!)
Now, I'll share the rest of the ROOM.

Remember this?
I'm talking the BUFFET in the dining room!
(yeah, that I put there not too long ago...)
and this:
 The desk with the hutch (I think it was $5 find) on top!
Well, I had to repaint the hutch...
which I did in a day...
and I combined the TWO!
So instead of the utilitarian lined up books...
I had some FUN!
i love scrapbooking, and my books!
...quilting, and my books!
my favorite tole painting books!
You see the candle with the cute little baby boy?
My friend Jodi made that... and I LOVE it!
The cute little baby boy, is my grandson, who is now 8!
I either gave away, or SOLD a BUNCH of books.
I had to LET GO.  You know, sometimes one just has too much???
Then I moved several things around to NEW places.
The ribbon shelf went above my 'new' desk:
If you don't already know...
the containers are the 'old' mayonnaise containers, which I LOVE!
To the right, you see the button shelf...
which I screwed to a board, that fits on top of the file cabinet,
so that the buttons HIDE the ugly computer box!
I changed the closet from having these hanging:
(which i hated) 

to this:
See all the clips up there?
I still have to take 'em all out... -sigh-
So, in a nutshell,
it went from a DISASTER that month:
to this:

I actually did even more,
(not necessarily to THIS room, but...)
on my... ummm... 
CRAZY spring fever day!
oh my gosh

coming soon!
love you all!
thanks for visiting...

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  1. when I get rich....your HIRED!!!!
    How can one person be sooooo talented?! :)