Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I HAD to share this with you!
It was SO EASY
and SO FUN.
And did not require ANY fancy 'machinery'!
I didn't take a BEFORE photo of the STOOL.
But I had it for YEARS.
Actually it had a coat of very dirty looking paint on the top ONLY.
It was in the bathroom, for my kiddos to reach the sink.
For some reason, I finally really SAW it.
And I had some cool RED spray paint that I'd had for awhile now...
I cleaned it up,
and sprayed three coats of paint on it.
I love Funky Junk Donna's lettering projects...
(if you click on the above colored name, it'll take you to one of her projects!)
they are fabulous!
But I don't own a cricut or have access to a fancy die cutting machine.
All I have is my trusty computer!
So I went into PUBLISHER
found a font that I loved the best for THIS project...
made it FIT in the space I needed...
changed it to OUTLINE and printed it on paper...
hand cut out the letters...
to create a STENCIL
and used some 'old' QUILT BASTING SPRAY that I already had,
to temporarily adhere the paper to the painted wood!
Here's the STOOL!

I put this cute stool beneath a cute little fun SPOT for the kiddos.
I found the dry erase board for 50cents...
cleaned it up...
and Terry had already painted a leftover board with chalkboard paint...
the chalkboard has a strip of sticky back velcro on it, 
with the 'matching' velcro pieces stuck on the pens!
So there's a place for everything!
I think they'll like it...
don't you???

I did all this as PART of my 
'Crazy spring cleaning day'...
more to come!

thanks for visiting!

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  1. Again, when do you two sleep? Or, do you just not need sleep down in the sun? :)