Monday, May 2, 2011

a cute lil' tiny suitcase...

I grabbed this cute lil' suitcase...
actually it was a cassette case...
as soon as my eyes fell on it!
I couldn't believe it!
Look at the inside...
which I simply... 
(actually it was a wee bit difficult...)
took out!
[I saved the cassette holders for ??? who knows?]
Guess what fits in it perfectly?
I always needed a place to put these!

So now it sits on my table...
Next to my spring re-vamped tray...
 If you look closely, you'll see a little tiny wood birdhouse,
hanging above the candle...
My Daddy carved that... years ago, before I was born.
He loved wood, was in fact, a master carpenter!
He whittled while he was in the Korean War.
And this is my very own little tiny keepsake from him!
[and yes, it's all done from ONE piece of wood!]
My new 'CD case' sits on the table next to the tray...
under my re-vamped spring mantelshelf!
 Yes, I am loving white.
With little spots of color.
(I need to add photos to the two empty frames... i know, i know...)
I found the teal colored (oh, what is it called???)
it's a lightpost something... -sigh- the local St. Vincent's, one of two of my favorite stores!
My darling daughter threaded the buttons for me on some jute...
  I painted the frame... it was a dark wood...
and distressed it a bit.
The picture is one of my all-time favs...
it's of myself, my hubby, and my 'baby' youngest son.
LOVE the photo!
We are on a trail in Oregon, near Mt. Hood,
where the Cedar trees are so giant,
that you could have small room in them!

Yes, one can have too much fun, huh?
thanks for visiting my friends!

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