Sunday, January 9, 2011


I never DID get back to posting Christmas!
The time just FLEW.
Work was crazy... not longer, just weird hours that threw me off.
Combine that with us trying to MAKE gifts for the kiddos!
Those I will share on another post.
For now, more pictures of our Christmas Home.

I added something to the mantelshelf by the Nativity...
I went on a painting spree of stuff around our home.

This next photo is the 'before'

The whole 'new look' mantelshelf...
then the 'old' one!

On the other [long, bare] wall in our living room, 
I so loved the mantelshelf, I had Terry mount the other one we had made.
This one is part of the same wood that we had made our coat racks from!

The shelf is sure beat up, isn't it??? 
I LOVE it!
The little table below is going... soon!
I'm replacing it with a TRADE from Kari!
Here are details...

...and last, but not least.
Remember the TRAY that Terry had made for me back in Oregon???
It was for all my mini books.

 Don't you love it?

...and just so you know, 
everything is something from another part of the house!

...and hope [very belated]
you all had a


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