Monday, January 17, 2011

As promised... the kiddo PROJECTS

So,  I promised to share our kiddo projects!

First, Jacob celebrated his 8th birthday in December.
I can hardly believe he is THAT OLD already.
His room is fantastic.
His dad painted one wall with really cool looking skyscrapers,
and hanging from one of 'em,
is an almost life-size Spidey!
Way cool
 Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of that wall.  bummer
This is what we created to 'match' in his room.

Behind his door, were a few little plastic stick up hooks:

I know, I know, the photo is blurry... oh my gosh, SO bad!
But you get the idea.

Terry and I found some odds and ends of wood, sanded them down,
cut them and painted them.

The little 'windows' I did, using cut sponge.
I put the tape on, to help line up the windows.
There you see me sponging a window up close.
I wanted the ends to look like corners, so I taped off half and...
...shaded it top to bottom!

The finished project!
(That's Peyton modeling next to it, to show the size)
Spidey's 'skyscraper' city.

Then, here it is hung on the wall!
All we used was scrap wood, old bolts for the hooks, and acrylic paint and varnish!
ta da
Fairly easy.  A tiny bit time consuming.  Fun.
And something really useful.
Alas... it was not Jacob's 'favorite', but I think it was his parents!

THEN... for Christmas.
We bought Jacob's gift via Craig's List
(and made a wonderful new forever friend!)
but made the girl's gift.
For this we had to purchase a high grade sheet of plywood.
We have wood left for a few other projects though.
I looked for, and found the type of table and chairs we wanted...
and we made THIS, size to order!
(our version)
Unfortunately, I just realized that THIS picture 
does not show the totally finished version!
Yeah, we didn't quite finish it in time for Christmas morning.  
(We did not have the chalkboard part done)
I will share the completed photo soon!
But you get the idea!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Girl, you should have your own show on DIY tv! Or at least a local cable show for crafters. Miss you!

  2. Wow, Great stuff, miss you..

  3. Love the Spidey idea! We moved last summer & I still must do Dillon's room. We've been talking about doing super heros; specifically Spidey, Bumblebee, etc. Something similar to what you did would make a great accent piece in there! Hope you don't mind "crafting forward" here! :) Love & miss ya, Peggy
    ps, think about you everytime I drive thru ZigZag coming home from Prineville! :)