Saturday, March 13, 2010

coats and jackets and hats....

What to do with them? I never have much liked closets.
For TWO reasons. One, is that you have to open and close a DOOR.
Second, is that you have to maneuver a HANGER!
yeah yeah yeah.
what's the big deal???
Well, it's always been... that if I want things HUNG UP
make it as easy as possible!
In our house in Mt. Hood, Oregon... one whole wall was a coat rack
and it was awesome!
Walk in the door, and hang your stuff up.
So now here.
This summer I didn't think we'd EVER use our coats and all.
It's very very COLD here in the winter.
Near our property... the shed for the pumphouse blew down.
Some time ago.
Terry went through it... and found some COOL old boards!
So I measured and figured..
and TA DA!

Our coat racks! Right inside the front door.
I LOVE them.
And things get hung up.

Here's a close-up...
I ordered the coat hooks from the internet...
I couldn't find what I wanted here in town.
So I searched... for inexpensive ones.
For the hat hooks...
It actually didn't get done for another month or so...
We were hanging hats on the coat rack...
and they were in the way and falling...
So we looked for another board that would work,
found the smaller one...
But I was VERY impatient.
I did not want to look for and order more hooks.
I had this ONE rusty nail.
Terry finds them outside.
So he had a bunch, and I salvaged thru them...
found more!

and yes, the boards are VERY OLD and VERY USED.
And already had been painted a barn red... years ago.
And yes, I LOVE them.

So for FREE except for the small amount for the coat hooks.
We've got some unique cool COAT RACKS!

thanks for visiting!


  1. Nicely done Danella! I've been grousing about or coat/hat rack which has the two rows of hooks too close together. I may borrow your idea for our house too. Hubby loves those ball caps and they seem to always end up on the floor with our current set up.

    Sure miss seeing you at CW. Amber is doing great but its just not the same without you there. =-)

  2. I like the coat racks. I also don't like having to hang coats in the closet. In fact most of the time They end up on the dining room chairs. I wish I had a place next to the front door for a coat rack, but that is where the door to the garage is. Maybe I can figure something out to hang on the door.

    Thanks for sharing.