Thursday, March 11, 2010

as promised... more 'stuff'!

Hi friends and family!
Wow! I sent out the [big] no
tice yesterday...
and lo and behold...
I got lots of mail yesterday.
What FUN that is!
I really do miss you all sooo
And just don't 'hear' from y
ou alot
I know you are all sooo busy...

BLOG and facebook (even though I don't do facebook much...)
but a huge THANK YOU for the notes!

I'm gonna share more of wh
at we've been up to.
Terry has been carving... trying
to turn more to SW looks.
He did a commissioned carving for a customer
that turned ou
t beautiful.
So, from that... he came up with his own.

This is his 'long hair maiden' and her pet bear!
She's about 3.5' tall.

The 'original' carving is HUGE.It's 10 feet tall.
The owner and Terry collaborate occasionally...
and right now Terry is carving a necklace!
They are going to add stones... Apache Tears and others.
Later... Terry will be adding other 'symbols'.
Should be interesting.
The bark was left intentionally.
Creates an interesting, textural look.

On OTHER projects...
and man, do I have projects going!
I've a LONG list... and LOVE it!

For TODAY... I'll share a project I completed a few weeks ago.
Below is a photo from our house in Oregon...
Circled, you see a natural wood frame and shelf...
Terry sanded them for me...
and I painted them, and re-matted the picture,
and now...
The little carved bird, Terry did for me...
'cause I whined to him, that I 'needed' a little carved bird to put there!
is my word.

So, don't throw out your 'old' stuff...
re-do and re-use!

Thanks for visiting!

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