Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is me and my two grand-daughters...
celebrating my birthday back in January.
THIS is why we are HERE.

yeah, i know, i know...
It's been a REALLY long time since I've
blogged regularly.
You can get in a 'funk' you
My 'excuses' are:

no money...
weird, constantly changing working hours.. that end u
p being six days a week...
getting into reading BOOKS again...
the computer blog world...

trying to figure out how to sell Terry's carvings here...
watching movies!

and Kari and the kiddos!

well, geez.

In between all that
I've still managed to DO things!
My poor hubby...
I'm always coming up with creative...
almost 'free' things to MAKE
Of course, HE has to make them, while I design and finish them!
So, I'm gonna treat you to a few projects...
Over the next few days
(or several???)
I'll share lots.

This first 'project' photo is our dining room...

BEFORE all know how I love COLOR...
... and that I SOLD most of our furniture from Oregon,
'cause it just didn't work here...
time to lighten up.

So, I've been painting the walls...
and coming up with new decor schemes...
I've now painted the dining room, and 3 walls of the living room...
they're all connected.
A beautiful robins egg blue...
we LOVE it.
The 'EAT'... I sized some huge letters using the computer
traced them onto a board that we had,
Terry cut them out, and I stained and varnished them.
The HEART you see... Terry made that for me for Valentine's :)
the chalkboard, is the leftover piece from the board for the letters!
I stained and painted it... chalkboard paint that I picked up at a garage sale!
I'm adding a chalk catcher at the bottom.
Mike, Kari's hubby is gonna router a groove for me.
The tree 'thing' you see there, is Billy Bob's perch. (our kitty)
We brought that from Oregon.
He loves to lay up there and look out the window at all the BIRDS!
The TABLE is Kari's... on loan
The CHAIRS will be outside someday.
We are making a table...
with a LOG and a round top...
we just need a bit of money for that one!
and... the light fixture... UGH! I'm looking... haven't found the right one yet.
Garage sale? Flea Mkt? Craig's list?
and... I'm either making or buying a big CLOCK for that wall...
(and yeah, that' a sheetrock seam cover you see on the wall. we have a manu. home)

the last photo for today...
is me and Kari (my daughter)
I LOVE that girl.
She is so good and wonderful and talented.
And the BEST mommy!
I am SO glad we are here... to be near her and her family.
Although I miss my BOYS something terrible.
We are working on Kevin... trying to get him to move here... well, to Tucson!

I've so MUCH to share with you all!
So many projects!
It's hard for me to stop here...
as I've photos that are beckoning to me to share with you!!!
Hopefully, I can INSPIRE you to CREATE!
Easily and in-expensively.
I'll also share some new BLOGS I've found that INSPIRE me!

thanks for visiting!
i miss and love you all!


  1. I forgot to say..."I love the picture of you and Kari!" Sweet. ;)

  2. Yeah Danella! It's so good to hear from you! I love your blog and have now marked it as a favorite so I'll be sure to keep up with you. ;) I was just thinking about you this morning, so that is so funny that you would send out your email today. lol!


  3. Hey girl!
    Our blog is
    Love hearing from and about you and your gang!

  4. Love the dinning ideas! Can't wait to see more. Hopefully in person some day soon.