Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's almost Christmas!

As promised...
a sampling of our Christmas decor!

First, the TREE.
I bought it the last Christmas I was at Craft Warehouse.
I bought it after Christmas for an unbelievable price!
I actually thought about selling it...
'cause our house is SO small... 
and I really have no where to store it.
BUT ... when we sold our 'extra' couch and the oak entertainment center...
We had the 'perfect place' and room to put it!
So... I set it up...
...and I loved it!
Here it is... decorated...
day and night scenes.
and details...

Yes, it's all teal blue tones and white and clear... 
with a wee tiny bit of red, with the frosted candy canes!
A true NEW look for us!
The ONLY thing I bought 'new' are the teal ornaments you see in the photo directly above.
And they were just a dollar each.

Following is a bit of the rest of the livingroom,
all decked out for Christmas!
Here are details of the mantelshelf that Terry made.

The top shelf was made from some old recycled wood that we found
by our property.  It was from an old dilapidated pump-house that had 
blown down a few years ago.  Several parts were 'rotted'...
but we loved those parts!
The left corner... 
all cleaned up, and varnished!  
What a difference from the original... ick it was!

It is really quite 'beautiful' to us!
The rest of the mantelshelf was made from wood
we brought with us from Oregon.  It was from our trees
that we had milled!

Now... details of the 'stuff' decorating the mantelshelf:

Most of it is from odds and ends around our house.
Kari gave me the manger set
"the reason for the season"
for Christmas one year.
I LOVE it!

Here are a few photos of some of the rest of the room:

I've shared the window treatment before...
although I don't think I've shared the finished part
with the curtains that I made.
I was torn weather to have long ones to the floor or not.
My deciding factor was the window sill that Terry put it.
I love it... the WOOD... the natural look...
It's big... sticks out...
so I really wanted it to show.

Our house [is still] had plastic mini blinds.
They are giving out one by one.
So I found the wood blind at Home Depot... 
quite in-expensive... and brought it home to TRY.
Well, we love it!
It filters the light... just right.
Makes us both happy!
The lovely basket you see under the window
I found at a thrift store here!
The white chair...
I've had for YEARS.
Bought it when I had Kevin, my youngest...
for my 'rocking chair'.
We bought it at a garage sale.
My daughter Kari 'inherited' it...
she painted it white... distressed of course!
And now it's made a full circle back to my house!
It's funny, 'cause when we bought it the first time,
I recovered the cushions the hard way.
What a job.
Then when I visited Kari one time...
she had me 'recover' them again, after she had painted it.
I did it much simpler... kind of a tuck and fit way...
stitched by hand...
and that's what I have now, matches our decor perfectly!
The cowboy hat and boot behind the chair...
here are the details:
We never could find a 'place' to put them.
So I went outside to Terry's wood pile...
found the post that he had used in a show...
brought it in, added the round slab...
(he's suppose to attach the post!)
and the wreath, and voila!
We are looking for a lasso for the rest of the year.
Yes, Terry CARVED the hat and the boot!
And the 'heart' appeared on the hat!
no joke!
[And yes, it is all for sale!]
[It will all be 'spruced up' soon!]
Then, last but not least...
One last remaining  Christmas thing from 'before'...
is this little ceramic snowman...
added to a bowl of snow!

I do have a few more Christmas 'things' to share...

Christmas is coming soon.
Oh my gosh...
MUST get to work! 
I've SO much to do!

Love you all!

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