Friday, December 3, 2010

SOLD: oak entertainment center and couch!

I listed our huge couch and huge oak entertainment center for awhile on Craig's List.  THEN, dropped the price on BOTH a bit... and the very next day... BOTH sold to two different people!  WAHOO.

Here's the pix of the entertainment center:
For some reason... besides 'I'm losing it'!!!  I cannot find a photo of the couch.
All we have left is the love seat.  I've been working hard on the living room.  It was SO FULL.  Oh my gosh.  Just too much STUFF.  ugh  So... on the previous posting you saw the shelf that is actually really high, so you don't really see it... it's on the wall where the ceiling is really high.

Now that the excess furniture and stuff is gone:
I convinced Terry that the couch table that he made to SELL, was OURS!
He added a shelf below the slab... to make a fantastic (for us!) entertainment center.

We have had the slab forEVER.  And because I loved it so much... I have thought and thought HOW we could use it.  Terry usually uses the big slabs for benches.  But I didn't want a bench... or a couch table (no room).  Finally I came up with this idea! It works wonderfully in our tiny house... doesn't take up a huge amount of room, so it's not so overbearing like the oak center.  What did I do, then, with all the movies that were stored in the oak one???  THAT answer is coming soon!

We don't have a fireplace... and thus no mantle.  (wah)  So I had him make a 'mantel shelf' for me.  It's using reclaimed wood that is gorgeous... that he found by the area water pumps... from the shed that had been demolished by a previous storm before we were here.  It's amazing what some imagination and a little hand work can do!  I will show better close up photos on the next post... but this it:
We positioned it directly above the [entertainment center]... and now it's decorated... WAY better than the photo you see below.  It's just really simplified below.

Coming soon, on the next post will be photos of our Christmas mantle decor!
I love it so much... I'm 'stealing' another mantel shelf he has!!!  Coming soon!

ATT: scrapbookers!~
Yes, I finally did another layout.  Wasn't real happy with it though...

Sorry the photo is not the best...
A close up of the side... so you can see the details

and another of the tag... which I cut from copper!

I miss all you girls from Oregon!  So much. You never realize how GOOD something is, until you no longer have it.  It's definitely a NEW life down here in AZ.  It's also COLD.  BRRRRR  I leave for work early in the morning, and it averages 20-30 degrees!  It usually warms up during the day to the 60's... so that is nice.  But once the sun goes down, so does the temperature!

So, watch for a new update soon.  I'm anxious to show you the mantle shelves details...
and our Christmas decor.  I worked hard for a day and a half!  It's an all new look for us... although I didn't spend but $15!  For some ribbon and a few ornaments.  Most I already had!  From Oregon, of course!

My new 'thing' is to re-use and re-do.  My favorite place to shop is the thrift stores, garage sales (when I can) and the flea mkt (when I can).  Money is tight... but my 'want to do' is boundless.

Thanks for sticking it out with me... hopefully I can do better about posting.
Love you ALL ... friends!


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