Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's been a long time. Too long.

I just don't know WHY it's so 'hard' for me to keep this going?  I think about it... but those thoughts just don't seem to transfer themselves to DO IT.  Wonder why?  SO much has happened, and does happen on a daily bases.  So... I'm going to attempt to retract... go back a bit, and re-count some 'interesting' events.

Starting with trying to get ready for a big art show in town.. that actually happened the first of October!  But first... before I even 'begin' with that... there's more.

Our house was beginning to get FULL, and I mean FULL of carvings!  As you'll see in the next photos, every inch seemed to be brimming with critters!

 ... this is only a tiny part of what there was around our house.
So...Terry went hard to work, to build a big huge shelf that we wanted to put on a long wall we have in our living room... that was also a very high wall.

The shelf was to go HIGH on this wall.

After Terry made the shelf and brackets... I whitewashed them... then he installed it!
And I mean installed... geesh... he had to get all the brackets ON the beams.
He didn't want to take a chance that it could possibly fall down, loaded with all his carvings!
You can see how high it is... that's the top of the door to our bedroom you see...
And here it is, partially loaded up. 
Of course Billy Bob just HAD to check it out, before we put too much up there!
It has been a great shelf, not only nice looking, but high enough so that it's not in the general 'view' of the room... yet it holds tons of his carvings... so they are out of the way, yet we can easily get them down for sale trips or for someone to see, and so on.  Now I/we don't have to pack 'em up in boxes, and try to find a place to put all the boxes... like they were in our third bedroom, which is our grand kids play room!  Much much better. 

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  1. Gotta love Billy Bob! Good to hear what is going on. That is a pile of carvings and a right nice shelf. It looks sturdy enough to sit on which is about how my husband builds things too. By the way...regarding not writing in a while...We're happy with a couple pictures and a quick note (speaking for those who miss you so much here in Portland). Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!