Monday, August 23, 2010

A new Mini-Book!

Kari's long-time friend, Heather moved to another state.
Kari gave her a small going away party...
and we decided to make her a photo book.
Well, I decided to make it, Kari came over to 'help'...
She moaned and groaned
but we ended up having great fun!
I made it, while she glued it!
All Heather has to do is add the photos!
It was fun and fast and easy!


  1. oh Danella cute as ever. You still got it girl, clever forever. Miss you and glad to see you can still take time to create.
    Love you, Merce

  2. Danella , I just love it, as alway, I miss you girl, we think about you all the time.... Great job on the mini, like, Whats new! ha...
    Hugs Olive