Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is our backyard!!!
But it's not very far from here...this is actually at a rest stop near the freeway,
on the way to New Mexico. We were on a [business] trip to Pinetop, AZ.

I told Terry I wanted my YARD to look like this!
And he said: "I'll get right on it"
We spent nearly the rest of the trip discussing
HOW we could do it!
I LOVE the big round rock under the tree!!!
I WANT one!

Did we take a wrong turn, and end up in OREGON???

This is actually, believe it or not:
near Alpine, AZ.
Beautiful country.
Full of Ponderosa Pines.
Did you know that
this area is part of the largest contiguous section
of Ponderosa Pines in the WORLD?
...who would'a thought... right here in desert country???
you think

After leaving Pinetop the second day...
we took a side road, hoping to see something interesting...
we saw a huge canyon that seemed like it could be a small version of the
Grand Canyon!

Going home... we headed down mountain after mountain...
In Alpine, we were at about 8,000ft...
we had gone down some at Pinetop and Show Low...

This is a view of Salt River Canyon.
After descending many many feet...
and still had a ways to go, to get to just 3500 feet.
Then further down to about 2900 feet.
(We, at home, are at 4400)
For a frame of reference for you Oregonians...
Mt. Hood is about 11,200
Timberline Lodge is about 6000 ft
We lived (in Zigzag) at about 1500.

so... we are NOT, by any means, in flat ground!
It changes drastically in all directions.

We had a great weekend trip ... 3 days actually.
A fabulous gallery in Pinetop took several
(actually just about the whole trunkload) of Terry's carvings
on consignment. You can click on the link, and see the STORE,
just scroll down a bit when you get to the link.
Man, I tell you, it's an incredible store!

The Burly Bear
Pinetop, AZ

A LOT of time has passed since my last post.
SO much happens... all the time.
My goal now, is to post regularly.

I wanted to share something kinda funny?

Terry did quite well at the Block Party.
He sold quite a few carvings...
and had lots of excitement.

While there,

This photo was taken at the block party...
it's of a friend of a friend from work...
the 'other' guys name is Mike.
When I first saw him at work...
he was a bit far from me,
and I saw the back of him...
and thought to myself:
"What the heck is Terry doing here???"

He showed up at the Block Party, so I introduced him to Terry...
He kindly agreed to put up with my camera!
(Terry is on the LEFT) LOL

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