Thursday, April 15, 2010

something new...

Starting with a photo of dishes???
Yes, 'cause it takes up SO much of my time.
We've no dishwasher in this house.
So, much to my dismay...
I spend a lot of time washing dishes.
Do NOT like it.
Friends, LOVE your dishwashers!!!

And NO.
I've still not done a new scrapbook page.

So you'll have to wait a bit longer for my new idea.
My excuse?
Besides messing around with the house and
with helping Terry with his business and with Fry's???
this:this is:
more stuff from Kari's house.
She brought all her STUFF to mine...
so that she could come over and it would all be HERE.
She 'can't' do it at her house...
due to kiddos wanting to 'help' and 'make something'
you moms all know the way it is!
So I've been sorting and putting away several containers
geesh... will it ever end?
And of course there is no room to do anything yet. latest projects in the house:
Remember this photo???We've done something NEW!
The table is from Kari.
On loan.
It was awkward because you couldn't scoot chairs in from the sides.
It took up SPACE
Which in our tiny home, is precious.
And we wanted all the chairs out,
'cause when someone comes over...
we need another seat or two!
The chairs are also temporary...
someday they will go outside,
when we can afford some new/used ones!
Terry (he is SO ... wonderful???)
Made this table!!!
Can you believe it???
I LOVE it!
It opens up the space...and we can slide in and fit all the chairs!!!
We had the log (of course...)
and we had the glass table top...
brought it down from Oregon with us,
not knowing what our plans were for it.

Here's another photo of the dining room area
(part of it)
Notice in this photo, the chandelier
We had an UGLY light fixture there.
Kari got me this new one from IKEA
for Mother's Day!!!
(way in advance I know... but she just couldn't stand the other light!)
Love that girl!

I also finished the blackboard...
I needed a bottom on it...
you can see in the earlier photo, there is no bottom.
So, courtesy of Mike (Kari's hubby)
who cut and routered it for me,
I beat it (literally)
Terry stained and sanded it
I varnished it
Terry attached it...
(just so you know the freakin' process we go thru!!!)
and tada!
I must explain the 'word' on the bottom.
When Kari and the kiddos came over...
Jacob went to the 'new' blackboard and wrote the word on it.
I was like...'what is that word Jacob?'
he said it was 'help' from the inside out.
geesh... where in the world does that kid come up with stuff like this???
He is seven years old.
Cracks me up.
...and of course, I just can't bare to erase it!

I mentioned before that Kari and I have been working hard
on getting rid of excess STUFF.
Oh my gosh.Why oh why do WE all have so much STUFF???
It's the bane of our lives!
We went through the boxes and boxes that were stored
in the third bedroom.
Kari helped me to sayGOODBYE to a lot of it!
IT is going to be SOLD
at a FLEA MKT that is in Sierra Vista every Saturday.
(that gets a TON of traffic and business!)
THAT sure beats having a garage sale!
This is the start...
in continuing with the de-junking
Remember this???
I got rid of a bunch of the stuff on the shelf above,
added Terry's surfboard,
which had been floating around the room...and now it looks like this!

So much better.
All the excess STUFF...
when it is sold,is gonna buy us some IKEA bookshelves...
for another crazy project!

Last, but not least.
We are super busy...
a big Sierra Vista Block Party is next week...we are working hard
(that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now!)
on getting ready for it...
we are introducing Terry's Carvings
to the area.
So the house is FULL of stuff like this:

...and this is a mere FRACTION.
Oh my gosh.
It's everywhere!
So, wish us luck.
Sell Sell Sell

thanks you guys!
for visiting us!

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  1. Good luck at the block party! Hope it all sells. I love your new projects. : )
    Love you guys! Christina