Monday, March 29, 2010

My taxes are done! ... and I did more!

They're done.I absolutely dislike doing taxes.ugh
I use Turbo Tax.
Actually love it... turbo tax, that is.
It makes it easy (easy... did I say that???)
And it's much less expensive for me,besides [making] Terry and I
more understanding what we need to be aware of.
It takes me a long time,'cause I do Terry's business also.
But I did it... two states too!
So...not only have I finished taxes,
but I've also been finishing up some more projects.
I changed my colors...from the dark reds and greens of OREGON
to the light robin's egg blue and whites of ARIZONA.
Arizona ??? robin's egg blue and white???
You thought it was all SW??? Yellows, oranges, browns...
Well, not for US.
We are REALLY loving this blue color for our walls.
Shows up so beautifully next to the white trim.
I had already done MOST of the living and dining rooms.
The kitchen was NEXT.To show you BEFORE...
I had all our DARK stuff... up above the cupboards...
you know STUFF I just HATE to let go of.Turns out I not only needed to paint my walls...
but also needed to UPDATE my junk.
My favorites...I decided to remodel.

So using these as my 'inspiration'
I bought the metal pitcher and the polka dot bowl,
and the others[Kari let me 'borrow' them...indefinitely']
Started with this little basket
that originally was brown.
I had some spray paint in teal... and some white.
Between the TWO, I came up with this!

Loved the pretty color!
So next, I chose some more...

and ended up with SOME of them painted.
Decided that I needed some natural still.
...and I painted the chicken and birdie!They are not perfect by any means. But they are high, so you cannot see the 'blemishes'!
I used my 'old' Perm Enamel that I've had for years.
So after about 2 weeks, of me squeezing in TIME to do this...
I finally finished painting the kitchen walls
(except for the part between cabinets, as I'm painting it a different shade)
and re-doing my 'junk'...

Notice all the yellow is gone.
Just naturals, teals, white, and red.
Much more relaxing and easy to look at!
This was such fun!
A BIG project for me... LATER...
I'm going to paint the cabinets!!!
It'll take me a LONG time.
But I'm determined!
If you remember the big RED basket that was up on top...
it's new function is:

Sweet, huh?

My next thing on my 'list'
aside from cleaning up my disastrous craft room
(from tax prep and trying to find a home for more stuff Kari brought over...)

We're moving the bed in the bedroom to a different wall,
to make room for the chair(s) from the living room,
to make room for the couch that's now in the
3rd bedroom,
to make room for a big bunk (w/o the bottom) BED that Kari is giving us,
cause the girls got new CUTE beds!!!


watch for a post soon,
about my NEW idea!
My scrap-booking friends might just love it!

thanks for visiting!

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  1. Whew is right! Busy busy lady!
    I need you to come give me some inspiration!
    (I know....wishful thinking:(
    I enjoyed the update.