Friday, March 19, 2010

the Kitty Tree

More about the Kitty Tree
This has been the most wonderful thing
for our kitties.
As some of you know...
two of our kitties have vanished here. So so sad.
So Billy Bob is now strictly a house kitty.
We don't let him outside anymore.He meows about that.
Every single day.But we are firm!
Terry made this kitty tree in Oregon.
And it sits right by a window here.
Billy Bob is on it all the time.
He watches all the birds and bunnies
and other creatures right outside
the window...
that he can't catch!
Terry added the towel...thinks it makes
Billy Bob happier.
If you look closely under his perch
you will see a patch where he
sharpens his claws on his way up!
Does this kitty look content?
When the grandkids come over...
Billy Bob disappears to our room.
He hides under our bed!

The kitty tree then serves another purpose!
The kiddos like to see how high they can reach!

Jacob can reach all the way to the ceiling!

...and now it's Madikins turn...

...and she's almost there!

We are thinking of adding a
different kind of tree.
We're talking...
You will see maybe soon?

thanks for visiting!

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