Thursday, September 10, 2009

hello friends!
i finally did a few layouts..
i'm pretty 'happy' with what i've done...
but still wish i would take TIME... and really do something
these were both quick and easy.sorry that it's kinda blurry.
this was just a fun, easy page.
notice the groupings of THREE?
try it on your next layout!
it helps... somehow... with the 'flow'.

we don't get 'rain' here... when it rains, it's a monsoon! fast and a tON of water! the streets where kari lives... turn into rivers! all the kids in the neighborhood come out and play in the river! yeah, they actually rode the rubber toys down! too fun!
i stitched with my machine on this page. it was so fun, i could hardly stop!!!
try it on your next page! it really is addicting.
and those little round things you see? remember the 'hugz'???

i've just been busy, trying to adjust to my job.
a grocery checker.
i work six days a week.
about 40 hours total.
the hours vary widely.
'cause i can work until midnight one day, then back to work the next morning!
i'm not a young chicky, mind you... so it's a wee bit harder for me to adjust.
but it's fairly close to home. so i don't have a long drive.
but i have to admit... i've kinda been a big 'baby'.
i would much rather do my art... than be a grocery checker.
i have my LIST of 'things to do'.
still gotta get those things done.

just bought some paint.
gonna try something ... a wee bit scary.
you'll see soon!
wish me luck.

thanks for visiting!

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  1. *poke* I NEED MORE FROM YOU!!! LOL Hope everything is just grand!