Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm for GREEN

I met a really awesome guy at Craft Warehouse some time ago. He was checking out the AccuCut Machine... and I asked if he needed help. We talked a bit about what he was trying to do. It's amazing! I'm so impressed with him and his talent and his enthusiasm. His name is John Schreiber... and he's starting this brand new incredible company!

We all love to re-cycle, right? Well I do! Extreme. I also drink lots of Soy Milk products. And no, I've not re-cycled these, 'cause the paper re-cycling 'only' takes regular paper and cardboard.. no wax coated... so. John came up with a magical way to make these really cool wallets using the cartons! And not only Soy.. but ALL wax cartons used for milks, juices, etc. AND... he will be helping schools, by paying them for EACH carton they collect. Then, they will be re-made into several styles of wallets (and what the future holds, who knows?) I think the wallets will sell for $12... of which portions of THAT $ will go to OTHER charities...

Anyhow... scroll on down, I've shown other shots of the wallet he gave me... and then a shot from his website, that you can click on and go to, and stay posted... and soon have one of your very own! This is something that is GOOD. Very good. And exciting.

The photo below is from his website. It's so cool.
You all gotta have one!!!
So click on below, check it out, and when he launches... send me a photo of YOURS!!!

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