Sunday, April 12, 2009


I finally got to see her! She is from my old neighborhood in Troutdale. LOVE this girl! We spent many hours together... blabbing! She has FIVE boys. She's an amazing person. Very talented. CUTE. Fun to talk to! Laughs a lot. I have missed her terribly. All of our long talks. And talking about decorating, painting, kids, life... I always loved going to her house, 'cause she has this OPEN kitchen... that I'd sit at the 'bar' and talk while she was always doing SOMETHING in the kitchen. And kids running all over. And her house was always so incredibly clean. Geesh. She has a good eye for color... so it was a joy to go see what she had done. And she was lucky to get these amazing painted furniture pieces from her mother and father-in-law... that she would add to her... FUN home. I'll never ever forget her! I'm so glad I got to see her.. in Craft Warehouse. And I hadn't seen her for years! ... and one day, there she was... and it was just like we'd never been apart!

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