Thursday, March 26, 2009

long time friends...

Wow! I can't believe that we have known each other for upwards of 22 years!
This gal is the coolest.

She and her hubby lived in the most awesome home on Troutdale road in Troutdale, OR several years ago. John (her hubby) worked with wood, one of my favorite mediums! Years ago I taught tole painting classes in my home, and even at Ben Franklin/Craft Warehouse! And John cut the wood. I used to spend hours over their house, [badgering] John about what to make/how to make it for all my projects. He was so fun! And Kevin, my youngest loved him! Used to call him, 'ohn... ohn!!!'

But back to Nancy. She too, was a tole painter. She painted some beautiful pieces. Her house was this HUGE Victorian style home with lots of rooms... BIG rooms. clawfoot tub. gorgeous woodwork, and a very mysterious basement! I wanted to own this house. [They ended up selling it, and I still wanted it, but the timing was not good... boo hoo] We both loved decorating, painting, and talking, so we spent a lot of time together!

She absolutely loves to laugh. And i love to 'help' her laugh! So our dinner date last night was a blast! Like old times... tempered with ... hmmm... maturity??? You know what? We are STILL 'young chickies' at heart. Still laugh about ourselves, men, friends and kids. Reminiscing... so much fun. She is such a great mom. Loves her kids and grandkids! And independent... VERY much so! I identify with her so much.

It's funny, 'cause we [people] always seem to put off or wait to get together. We will put it off, again and again... meanwhile, time is passing. Next thing you know... years have gone by! We wondered WHY did we wait so long? When we so enjoy each others' company? Laughter is good for the soul. So, yea... we both felt pretty darn good last night!

I love this lady. She is one awesome [today's language you know... we did NOT say this word when we met years ago!] lady!

Thanks, Nancy, for dinner, laughs, and lots of wonderful memories!

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