Monday, March 30, 2009

Billy Bob and the visitor...

Terry notice Billy Bob being quite alert at the front door. He saw what Billy Bob saw, and grabbed the camera. He got lucky! The raccoon was face to face with Billy Bob, who obviously knew, for the moment, that he was SAFE from DANGER! in 'his' house!

I'm not sure where Billy Bob is now. Probably hiding under our bed! That's the PLACE TO BE when he thinks he's in DANGER! And this, mind you, was serious DANGER! for Billy Bob.
Mr. Raccoon performed some serious antics for Terry.

Notice how he is trying to be as unobtrusive as possible by staring Terry down, and trying to sneak his paws in, stretching way out... to get the cat food.
Done with his visit... the little guy bids adeau and heads down the deck steps back out into his domain... where we are LUCKY if we ever see one!

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