Friday, February 20, 2009

more peeks into my room...

This is one of my clear standing storage centers. I LIKE the clear storage! I can SEE into the drawers enough, that I know what is in 'em! And... they are affordable for me.
Below, are a few of the drawers that are in these two centers. They hold my ribbons and trims, and 'collections', like flowers, gems, clear, etc. SOMEDAY I want everything to be by COLOR. I think it would be much easier to find 'things' for my cards and layouts. My biggest 'obstacle' is that I still want to remember the vendor for the items. Not sure how to overcome that. How do others do it???

Spool ribbons galore! I love these!
I cut heavy chipboard into pieces that fit into the drawer. Then, the longer pieces of ribbons get wrapped around them by color. Shorter pieces go into the [mayo] jars that are on my shelf, shown in an earlier post!
This is my flower drawer.
This is a bookshelf that is in my room. On it fits the small wood crates from Craft Warehouse. I love those. I like that they are already WHITE. And the handles. You can't see the top shelf in the photo. It holds my small albums. And those are over-full! Someday I will be able to get MORE!
These crates hold... packaged stuff. Like rub-ons, stickers and such. They are by COLOR, and some by THEME, like Christmas or Halloween/Fall. I found that I can find things MUCH easier with this method.
These crates hold some small unfinished books, more small books/chipboard, and more stuff.
The bottom row of crates hold still more small albums (how do we end up with so much stuff... that we can't bear to let go of???) and lastly, my clear stamps. I'm running out of room for those stamps, and I'm on the lookout for a new method for those. I'd like them by THEME, but not sure yet how to store them??? I don't like stuff like this in albums. I find that I'm a FILER and I need to SEE and EASILY GET to things. I don't like to open boxes, or lug down big notebooks. I tried it already, and it didn't work for me. I also don't get stuff PUT AWAY into those! These OPEN methods, INVITE order and putting things away much easier!
This is an OLD stand that Terry had. I 'stole' it from him! He thinks I'm not taking it with me when we move [whenever THAT is]. He's wrong! I'm taking it! The medium crates fit in it perfectly! And the cropper hopper folders! On the top is my patterned paper by COLOR. It's FULL, as you see in the photo below. The next shelf holds mixed media 'papers' the sugared, clear, vellum, etc. It's all separated by plastic file dividers. EASY to put stuff away, and FIND! The bottom has more patterned paper, divided into major THEMES or VENDOR collections that I like to keep together!
Above is the patterned paper crate.
This small bookcase holds my books and magazines. Yea, they are by month/year! I'm anal.
This medium crate on the top holds my letter stickers, divided by COLOR. Again, I like things OPEN and filed. Hate 'stacks'. Thus, having this in drawers does not work for me! And I've tried these stickers in binders... way too hard to lug out, AND to put them away. This way, when I use one, I can easily pop it right back into it's place!
This is my last clear stack of drawers. It sits next to my pride and joy, that I will share another day. This holds chipboard items. Grungeboard, chipboard letters, chipboard shapes and cutouts. Goll, I cannot believe I have this much stuff. Geesh.
This is my grunge and other chipboard sets.
This drawer on top holds my little... hmm... things I've made for make 'n takes and other little misc. items I've made... to SOMEDAY maybe put on a layout or card? Lots of TAGS here!

And this, sorry about the blurry photo, but it's right by my 'center' and holds all my cardstock. By color. And Upright... so's I can just DROP pieces and ends right back into the holders! Nothing is on top... so it's easy access. I don't have to lug them out and somewhere else to access them. My only wish is that it was just a bit higher... someday it will be. Just gotta figure out HOW... and not spend any $$$!

So... this is the latest in my ROOM installments! Hopefully maybe something will help or inspire YOU into getting to the bottom of your stash!
Next time I will show my pride and joy... something that Terry made for me.. to my specs.. and with SALVAGED materials! LOVE saving more stuff from the DUMP! I'm on a 'thing' to keep stuff out of the landfill. Other than our icky/yucky garbage. Haven't figured out that yet???

OH yea, and into my CLOSET. Yea, there's more. Anyone want to scrap with me???

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  1. Ho-lee smokes !!!! You have a ton of stuff! You could have your own store! "Geesh" is right! :o) Too fun! (That is a lot of stuff to pack when you head South).