Sunday, January 25, 2009

such memories!

All these gals became friends from a class they took together.
Yeah, that's right!

This should give you the 'gumption' to go out and take a class in something that interests you!

Me... I was the 'teacher'. They were all a part of classes I taught at Craft Warehouse called 'School of Scrap'. These girls became fast friends. And several times a year, we get together and celebrate a birthday! This one was from December of '08. We just got together last night to celebrate THREE birthdays! Gloria, Sandy, and myself! We had SO much fun together! Lots and lots of laughter. What could be better for ya?

L to R is: me (i call myself 'a german drill sargent after a James Bond movie I saw years ago, 'From Russia with Love', where a german female officer... tough looking broad... helped 007 get into a tube and head across the border... i screamed... 'oh my gosh! that's me!' and i am german, you know... ) and this photo so reminds me of THAT look. Anyway.. after me is:
Gloria, Sandy, Susie, and Olive.
I always wondered what that was, until I became more 'savvy'. hehe
Best Friends Forever... for those of you that might not know???
Yeah.. even us 'older' ladies. hmph
So... to memories.
love you girls!

ps: Susie made this page to commemorate us! Thanks Susie!!!!

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