Wednesday, January 28, 2009

been tagged???

???by adreinne. crazy girl!
i was supposed to go to my 6th folder and the 6th photo in that folder.. post it and explain it!
so i did. in my HUGE Picassa file. Kinda 'fearful' what would be there... only 'cause there are some 'fearful' photos of yours truly. QL

but.. this is what it was! no kidding! it's a shelf that I made with terry's help in my craft room. (my favorite room in our house!) it's my ribbon/flower/accessory storage! the little bags below carry brads, buttons, clips.. all the paraphernalia that you use on cards/pages. the [kraft mayonnaise] clear containers hold my ribbon by color. you see all the flower jars. the tins are maya road chipboard. and misc. at the top. geez... it there enuf stuff??? i like it to show. i don't like looking in boxes, etc for stuff. the mayo containers are the BEST. they are FREE, and i make a salad using mayo and brocolli that 'makes' me use a bit more mayo! QL

so you get a peek at my fun stuff. i like it all, except the baggies. they are out of control! when i move... that stuff is going to be moved to craft mates by COLOR. too hard to find something by style.

i LOVE organizing too. that's another 'hobby'. i know, i know... it's a bit weird? but how many of you are with me on that one??? it's being creative, you know!

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