Monday, December 1, 2008

Touch of Heart

This is Kimberly and Jennifer. They are two lovely girls that work at Craft Warehouse. Recently Kimberly (the blonde) did an amazing thing. It touched my heart. At the store, we have an annual event called Open House. The employees personally invite customers to this event, with an 'invitation' with the employees name on it. At the end of the evening, after the invitations have been turned in (each has an entry for the customer to win a prize!), we draw 5 of those, with the employees names on them. We had OVER 1300 turned in!!! Each of those employees win a 'big prize'. One of our 'big prizes' was a digital camera valued at $200. THAT is what Kimberly won! And she GAVE it to her friend, Jennifer. Right then. Why? Because Jennifer loved taking photos, and didn't HAVE one. WOW. Talk about... generosity. Yes, even with todays' generation! We worry about the world. About the 'new generation' coming up. About how 'they' are so different than 'we' are. Yet... the human heart is still there. Once in awhile, something happens to re-affirm that there are still good people all around us!

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