Friday, November 28, 2008

This is the house that Terry and Danella built. Finished it in October of 2005. Just three short years ago! Yeah. I designed it, had it drawn up by an architect, and we found a builder... and built it. Long, hard, fun, story. Amazing blessing for us. We love our home. Where we live. BUT... things change. Last year we decided to move to Arizona! Arizona!?? For several reasons. One: grandkids, time to play grandparents! (and of course, to be near my darling daughter!) Two: weather (now don't get all worked up about that one! Where we are going, it's 4500ft, and not at all HOT like Phoenix!!!) Three: Time to try a different market for Terry's work. Four: the commute is dragging me down... geesh, nearly two hours on the road everyday I work! Man... I'd much rather being doing something else than driving for two hours those days! Five: Time for me to make a change, in my job. I'm ... tired of Craft Warehouse. A lot of great memories there. But this REALLY gives me the 'kick in my pants' that I need!
I COULD go on and on. But that's the basics. In a nutshell.
You can see more of our home on a website that I creating, when, at first we were going to try and sell it ourselves. But this mkt. today is too daunting. But check it out!

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