Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wonder what we've been doing?

Terry has been very busy carving lately! This is a bear, about 3-4 feet tall that he did for a local customer. So cute! He has also done a HUGE bench that I will show photos of later, as he still has to varnish it! Then take it over to the house. HEAVY. He still has several raccoons to finish up. Want something for Christmas? ya better hurry and get your 'order' in!

When we have an open house or a showing, we often take a drive up LoLo Pass Road. It's very beautiful. This is one of the views of Mt. Hood. It was a beautiful day... Monday. But windy. COLD. brrr! There are HUGE power lines that go thru this area, we managed to get this without those ugly things showing.
I wanted to show you the FALL SCENE from our front deck. It's looking at Hunchback Mtn. We have hundreds of trees on our property, many of them MAPLE. And we also have bazillions of LEAVES! Holy cow! Terry spent the day yesterday, trying to get out from under all those leaves. They are everywhere. He said it was like digging out of snow. All he did was dig out his shop and work area, and some around the house. But geesh. The ground is blanketed deep. Next comes snow, you know. We are so hoping to have sold this house, and will be 'on the road to Arizona' before the snow hits!!!!

This is the 'finished' version of the latest 'mini book of the month' that we do at Craft Warehouse. It features Kari's youngest child, Peyton. The photos were taken in 2007. It's using Bazzill chipboard circles and lots of snowy accents.

For those of you that follow the scrapbooking world, you know that I'm a big fan of Heidi Swapp! I 'scraplifted' this from one of hers. Now, my 'style' is NOT like hers at all. But I really like it! She is so random... free... fun! The photo on this is of my grandkids, Kari's 3 babies. They are so darling! The photo was taken at the beach here in Oregon on a visit they made this last summer. This layout is on a CANVAS, and uses a bunch of new items we now have at Craft Warehouse. Yep, this is THERE in the STORE!

This is the 'other' baby book that I made for the other girl at work that is having a baby girl. It's all done on chipboard that I cut into 12x6" pieces. I based each page with Bazzill cardstock, then added lots of fun embellishments. I'm not used to JUST using my stash, as MOST of what I have done is for Craft Warehouse, so I've ONLY used THEIR product! Well, THIS led me to re-organize my stuff to be able to find things easier. And I'm pretty happy with it now. I'll share things here and there.

This is a view one morning off our front deck. It's just so beautiful here. We will miss it. Talk about being in the mountains. It's funny, 'cause I've ALWAYS wanted to live in the mountains. I remember on going on these LONG trips with my mom and her husband, Bob, and visiting different friends of theirs in the mountains. I know we are leaving them. BUT, there are mountains where we are going also! They are different, but just as majestic.

the hawk and the address sign? Well, we delivered them to Mary Jane, and after hanging it and all, took a photo! Isn't it wonderful!? The hawk just GREETS you as you drive up to her home.


  1. You know I love it all,,,I'm waiting to see the little pink book. ha.