Thursday, October 2, 2008

where we live today

I wanted to post where we are today. October of 2008.
It's a good life.
We live in a beautiful area of Oregon near Mt. Hood.
We started this dream 5 years ago, buying the property.
Finished building our home 3 years ago!
And today, it's been up for sale now for about 3-4 months, it is a really a slow market. But we are ready for our next adventure!
Yep. We're heading to the desert, to be near
Kari and her family! My 'babies'. I can't wait.
Terry, too, is excited. He's ready to try his wares on the co
wboys out there!
So, to start, are photos of where we live today.
Starting with the front deck. I LOVE geraniums. They are RED. Red is my #1 favorite color! Don't you love the plant holder that Terry made? When I have a wish, Terry receives the 'orders' and makes it! He knows that 'resistance is futile'.

Here's our home when you drive UP to it. Yea, we live at the TOP of our property. But it's so worth it. We are secluded. It's quiet. And we have a gorgeous view of Hunchback Mtn. Don't you love the RED shutters? Yea, it's another Danella wish.... to Terry. So he made these wonderful custom shutters with wood trim! The little balcony is off the master bedroom. There is just enough room at the side for a SMALL hot tub. That was our dream. Maybe the next owners will get to do that!

Here's what you see when you walk in the front door. A great room with the kitchen and eating area all open. The outhouse door goes to the pantry! Notice all the RED dishes, and small appliances. We have a laminate floor, which we LOVE. No worries about 'dirty' shoes. Wipes right up. Perfect for a mtn. home. To the left (you can't see it) is a wood stove, which we use for ALL our heating. It sits right in the center for maximum capacity. It works great. Our largest electric bill is.... just over $80! We have electric heat, but we never have to use it. We LOVE it here. Very happy and content. And yea, we are leaving it.

To be by these kiddos. These are Kari's kids. How can one resist? They are young now, and I wanna be Grandma to 'em. So off to sunny Arizona we go! We are excited. It's a brand new adventure. Warm. Desert. Family.
We are looking for a manufactured home on 4 acres. And, by the time we are DONE with that manufactured home, one will never believe that it 'was' a manufactured home! If we built our home we are in now, surely we can remodel a m.h. to NOT look like one, right? Terry can do just about anything! And with my help, we have an amazing goal. You'll read about it if you follow along when we move!

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