Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yes, I still scrap!

In fact, I actually did a class!
I really enjoy Kari's friends here in AZ.
They are all so cute and fun.
I wanted to do something for them for Valentine's Day.
So I created this mini book
(old-timers know that mini-books are my fav!)
last minute, and I MEAN last minute!
I cut the chipboard pages the night before,
and got up at 3am to CREATE and make semi-kits!
Then the fun began!
I brought different papers that I had semi-kitted for them...
and let the girls pick out what 'kit' they wanted,
and they went to town!
Hours later...
they were done!
This book is the one I created starting at 3am:

  It's a chipboard house covered with paper, then wrapped with twine...
...the card is from a Heidi Swapp playing card pack!
Kari punched and stitched everyone's banners!
 The measuring tape you see is paper!  I cut everyone their own!
The lace is paper too!
The letter is from packages I bought ages ago from Rusty Pickle.
So I had a letter for everyone there.
The birdcage die... oh man... is from a very very special gift from my BFF!
She found and sent me a Big Kick die cutter... found it on Craig's List in Oregon.
not only did she send that to me, but also TWO new Tim Holtz dies!
I... danced and jumped for joy!
(My Cricut died... so so sad.  I [thought] I had the right cord, but didn't and apparantly I fried my machine... SOB.  Talk about being so upset... at what a dingbat I can be!)
 I wanted to show you DETAILS of the tag dangles...
The floral 'thing' is a Tim Holtz fragment,
the 'heart' is a weird one, that we embossed with ZING!
and the jewel is one from an old package.
The 'others' did not get a jewel... I just did not have enough...
but this book is going to my BFF, so...
It was SO fun!  I had forgotten how motivating it can be...
I miss it.
If anyone wants a KIT... with the goodies pre-punched... (no jewel)
and the papers would each be different... you can tell me your color loves...
you'd have to trust me to pick some good ones...
I would pre-stamp the tag, the polka dots, the title, the 'forever' and 'treasure'
...and a few elements may be slightly different, but just as cool.
IF you'd like...
I would do it for you, for just $20, including shipping!
I will have to limit it...
and keep you posted.

Here is the OTHER book that I made for Kari, with the papers she picked.
If you remember, Kari does NOT like to scrap!
[crazy girl...]
 ...and the details of the tag...
 Thus is my fun... really fun 
scrapbooking adventure.
Now... to just do something again...
like soon?

love you all


  1. Oh how I wish we lived near each other! I'd be in ALL your class's. Love, love, love this!

  2. Danella,
    Happy to see you haven't lost your what you did with your book.. Brings back fun memories of your wonderful school of scrap classes....Miss you girl...can't believe how long it's been....
    Love you....