Monday, January 11, 2010

Bird Country... !

Wanted to share with you some birdfeeders Terry has made...
(and some that we had already...)
which the birds here seem to LOVE!
It's so fun watching the MANY birds around here.

This one is surely different from any you've seen!
The 'bowl' is made from Western Red Cedar, the legs are Mesquite.
But the birds sure seem to love it,
they seem to line up below, then the 'biggest' gets it first!
This bird is a Curved Bill Thrasher

Next bird is a Cactus Wren.
This is a birdbath!
The bath is ASH, and the legs are MESQUITE.
It's so great... it's so fun to see the birds drink from it
and bathe!
Too cute.

This bird is a Cardinal...

This next bird is a Curved Bill Thrasher
and the last is a Cactus WrenThis next photo is a birdhouse that we had in Oregon.
Terry attached it to a tree in front of our house...
and a Woodpecker has made it his home!
It's just too fun to see him poke his head out...
checking out what is going on around him!

Hoping for BABIES in the spring!
if you look closely in the next photo, you can see him poking his head out...

This next birdhouse is one that Terry made here in AZ.
It's also a hollowed out cedar log...
with hand-cut cedar shakes!
No birds have made it their home yet...
but several have checked it out!

... the roof and close-up of the house!

then, we have a suet feeder that we hang right by our door
off of our little deck.
Everyday, the birds line up on the railing...
to wait their turn for the really good EATS!
...and I tell you, they LOVE this stuff...
we have to decide, do we feed THEM or us???

This little bird landed on the feeder,
just a few FEET from Terry!
It's a

This one is waiting his turn, just above the feeder...
Actually we have seen several different birds.
But it's hard to get a photo of them,
'cause when we go outside...
they all fly away!

thanks for visiting!
(if you are interested in something Terry has made,
click on his blog to the right...)

i've something NEW coming real soon!
visit again...
hope you love it!

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  1. Danella. Loved the feeder pics. I'm jealous you have the red cardinals. They always remind me of Iowa where my folks come from.