Friday, December 18, 2009

the OTHER ornaments!

Here are the OTHER two ornaments that we made for Kari and family...

this one is a little [chainsaw] carved mushroom, just about 5" tall.

It is really sooo cute... we painted them, added glitter...
and decided to SELL some.
so Kari created an ETSY store for [us]... called 'arizonared'.
if you want to SEE these... maybe BUY one??? go to:

each one is slightly different, of course... and ALL are darling!

Then, the other one, is actually a re-creation of one Kari made...
Peyton 'lost' the first one... Kari searched the house, but no luck.
So I made a new one for her, which she promptly put into her kitchen tree!

thanks for visiting friends!

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