Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's just 'around the corner'...

Christmas is practically here!
oh my
oh my

The holiday is not my ...
well, let's just say i've a wee bit of a hard time with it.
sad, i know.

i've enjoyed making some ornaments with and for kari and her family!
here they are:

started out with terry carving a little owl.
i glittered it...
added a hook,
and isn't he the cutest???

then, found: some little wood hearts... then, with jewels:
did this one,
but learned from it, the next will be 'constructed' a bit different...
but it's still 'pretty and sparkly'

kari and i got to playing...
i made this one as a surprise for her...

then, i/we did more... but i forgot to take photos of them!
so, i will go there tomorrow, and take photos of the others!

tomorrow is Jacob's birthday!
he'll be SEVEN.
can hardly believe it.
he is the cutest, kid... so good. so fun to be with.
love that boy.
more coming soon!
have a great day.

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