Friday, May 8, 2009

We did it!

Yep, it sold yesterday
FULL asking price!
We are moving to sunny Arizona!
Our last day is May 28, and we hit the road.
Geesh... gotta RUN!!!!


  1. Oh Danella!

    You will be missed! I pray everything goes smoothly for the trek to Arizona! Your daughter is gonna be so blessed to have you two there!

    Big hugs!

  2. Such mixed emotions. Can you really be leaving me? Wow. I will miss you so very much girl. I am just glad that you are moving somewhere's there are two people to visit. ;o) You are gonna LOVE that sunshine. What a fun and exciting chapter in your life! I am a bit jealous too, but more happy than jealous! Congrats and I hope everything goes as smooth as pie. Love Ya Lots. ooxx`jod

  3. Danelli, you can't leave me!!!! I am going to miss you so much but I am happy for you, I really am. Please keep in touch, I will need ideas for Quilt Party (hee hee).
    Love you bunches, Monty

  4. Danelli, you can not leave me!!!! Who will pester me about the events calendar? ;). I am so happy for you but I am so going to miss you. I am really going to miss you. You must keep in touch, and keep your facebook current.
    Much love, Monty

  5. Danella - I can't believe it!! That is awesome. I just read the the party is over. We wish you the very best. Please keep us updated on your new adventure...Craft Warehouse will not be the same.

    Amber, Don, Hadley, Garrison & Hollis

  6. Congratulations sweetie! What a great new adventure- full of nothing but bliss, being close to family is such a blessing - so proud of you!!! Good things happen to great people - now all your hard work and patience has paid off and your journey begins - I love you for everything you are to me... thanks for all my past smiles - you are amazing! Good Luck
    Marie :)

  7. Danelleeeeee!
    Oh, how I will miss your creativity, laughter,and just working with you! You, Amber & I were a good team in "Make a Memory" I will miss our talks about God and all the blessings He has given us! Now you and Terry are receiving another one!You have been a good friend, and I will hate to see you go! Stay in touch! God bless and keep you both in His tender care. Love Connie

  8. I am sooooo happy for you two. Congratulations on your sale of the house and most of all... congratulations on you moving to BEAUTIFUL ARIZONA. You will be missed.
    Ciao, Anna
    from Prestige Printing - Minuteman Press

  9. That is so great! Your grandkids are so blessed to have you. You will be missed.
    Love Janice

  10. Dang it girl, I am going to cry! I love you so much... I have learned it's never to late in life to meet and make special friendships. you have taught me so much about scraping, I well think of you every time I make a layout. I well never forget that last class...Ouch!
    I am so happy you have someone as special as Terry in you life! Keep in touch.
    Love you,

  11. Congratulations, Danella!!!
    Such a sweet reward for such positive patience!
    But we'll miss you. I'll miss seeing your smiling face at your work. I'm happy for you, Terry and Carie and the grandkids that get to see Grandma as often as they want now!

    Megan Richardson

  12. Danella, it was so nice meeting you today! Your work is beautiful and inspiring as well as your husbands! Best wishes for you and your family as you get ready to move and head to sunny Arizona! Sounds fun! I know you will be missed... keep updating your blog so we all can stay connected :)

  13. Danella, Well, you are down to the last few days of getting packed & hitting the road. I am so excited for you & your family that you will be sharing many future memories with! Once a month card making...beautiful idea. I scrap twice a month with a group of ladies & it is terrific "girl" time! I will see you Tuesday evening on my way back from Prineville. Glad we get to have one last "chat" together before you go! Love you & all that you have shared with so many of us! You are a treasure to the scrapbooking world! Love ya bunches, Peggy :)