Saturday, May 16, 2009

Make 'n Take

Saturday, May 16 11am-3pm

You getta do a 6x12 Page Starter... the second example shows what you can DO with it!
You'll choose ONE of the three color/styles.
These use the BRAND NEW 'Breaking Free' Collection
from My Mind's Eye
and... you wonder HOW did I get those eyelets [so far in]???

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  1. Danella ~ What a great way to spend my Saturday, resting after an excruciating groc shopping expedition, relaxing reading your blog! It is truly exciting to hear how happy you are & how much you are enjoying your new phase in life! I am so thrilled you are taking us through your life's journey with you & Terry! We miss you at Craft Warehouse. It just isn't the same, shopping without chatting to Danella for...oh, a half hour or so!!

    I think of you often & especially when I drive thru Zigzag/Rhodedendron area, while traveling to Prineville to visit my son & daughter in law! The last time I drove thru I dozed off while driving and side swiped a semi trailor. So SCARY!!! I had already stopped 4 times on that trip to rest & re-alert myself. This Fibromyalgia just sucks!!! Thank Heavens Dillon & I are both fine. He was sleeping in the middle in the back so really didn't know what happened. Most times he sits on that side of the van...not any more! No sir; he sits in the far back, in the protection for him! I am so thankful that God was lookin out for us. Some might say, if he were watching & protecting it wouldn't have happened. I say he was, cuz it could have been much worse & I am still here to talk about it & pay closer attention to whether I should be behind the wheel or not. Some days I am just too tired & even if I feel I need to get home to pay bills, or water plants...some times I just need to stay put! I dozed once prior to & found myself across the center line; coming down off of Hood and I stopped then. But I should have stopped for the day or called for help from family/friends. Now I know. Oh, the van is ok too! :) I need to replace the side mirror bracket & that is ok. Again, thank the Lord that is all!!!

    Other than that little mishap which was nearly a month ago; Dillon & I are doing fine. My pain is actually doing much better the past few months. I am expecting my first biological GRANDBABY any day now!!! A BOY! So exciting! I think they have finally decided on Clint Douglas for the name...which I do like! My sons a bit country & she's a bit city & they were really struggling to agree on a name for the little fella...was so humorous! Today is their one year Anniversary. She has two kids; Addy 3 1/2 & Hank is almost 8, so I have been a stepgrandma for a year now! They are great kids & Dillon loves to spend time with them.

    Well, now that I have relaxed & shared my life going on's with you...I am going to go organized my scraproom so that I can get busy again. I had a shelf fall earlier this week & finally got in rehung last night. So, need to put everything away! I now have stickers & printed paper in those white wood boxes from CW, that you suggested. I love them! I should post pics of my area one of these days. I have tried to start a blog, but I am not at all good about doing anything on it. Guess I should try a little harder.

    Love ya & thanks for keeping us in your life! Your friend in Jesus, always,