Tuesday, April 14, 2009

such a GREAT idea!

Julie saw the post about what we were doing for the make 'n take, and brought her PHOTO! Such a great idea! She's the first I saw do it. THEN, two other people went and brought their photos Saturday also. I loved it. This is one the reasons why I wanted to post the projects for you all! It helps to bring your photo... to 'fit' it in right, 'cause often some of the 'stuff' overlaps.

So... I had a thought.. that I'd set up a THIRD table.. a bit to the side... for people who would like to finish, or do extra work on their layouts. I'm not talking just to add the photo, but to do MORE. I can have a cutter there... you can use our tools... but you'll have to bring your own adhesives and all...

What do you think? It would sure be nice to have more FINISHED layouts.........

1 comment:

  1. Cool! What a great idea! Like a ultra-mini-crop!