Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yea, that's right! For one that has almost NEVER won anything... ['cept this summer, i won at our CW meeting]... I entered, and WON from Tim Holtz!!!
Check out his blog burb below that I copied... and you can go to his BLOG too. In fact... ya gotta check it out! His website also has awesome tutorials that you will hear me talk about a lot!

(you can click on the image below, with the writing, and enlarge it!)

and... this is what came in the mail today!!!

AND... if you read the 'congrats' from t!m... we also got a piece of jewelry from 'keychain' aka karen. i got it, and it's amazing. SO much more so in real. i feel SO privileged, geesh. so, expect some new and exciting make and takes/workshops from me in the upcoming future, 'cause we are bringing in MORE of t!m holtz' stuff!!! YAY!

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